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  1. KILL EM ALL just kill em all then we wont have hunting fill your freezers poach em hunt em all yr just kill em all tired of reading this bs wha wha wha i think ill delete my acount from here and never look back bunch of grown ass men bitch ing about deer SHOOT WHAT EVER THE F YOU WANT I personally dont need to hunt for food so I choose to hunt for a better class buck.(which is getting harder and harder because of the brown and downers) and thats that.. I ll find a forum of quality deer hunters. I feel like im being swormed by a bunch of Bubbas.. Maybe go get some info ect on DRURYOUTDOORS or something along those lines. this shit is a joke!!!!... BE safe any ways BUBBA HUNTERS OR NOT I DONT WANT to GET SHOT BECAUSE ONE OF YA SPIKE KILLES IS UNLOADING on A BUTTON BUCK for meat in your FREEZER.. ******just in case a monitor has to delete my account PLEASE DO THANK YOU*************
  2. Just ordered the tc fx pro hunter pick up next weekend Got a smokin deal $469 cant wait to shoot it herd nothing but great things and not to mention itsa "PRO HUNTER" funny i was so close to ordering the cva accura MR there damn nice as well will let ya now how she BOOMS!!!!!!!! o and I will not be shooting any thing less then a wall hanger with my PRO HUNTER!! or maybe another BOONER BEAR IM DUE AGAIN FOR ANOTHER BEAR!! for all you ar bambie killers info =) Ill leave the small ones for yall!!!
  3. well im in 8y so im not excited the whole frigen state should be AR unless your a kid! these grown men who kill 1 1/2 old deer left and right are just plan pathetic!! nys has great potential to be on the map for big bucks you wont have big bucks like we should if these ignorant un skilled so called hunters keep killing spikes small 6 points 4 pts half racks ect. O look a deer boom woo i killed a 4 point is embarassing if you ask me its like having a small dink or a ugly wife.......... hunt for trophy class 125" or better Bucks even a 115" (decent 8point ect) ("where I hunt there isnt a 115 ' buck") thats because you kill all the 1 1/2 olds every yr ect!! this meat hunter bs is bs, you want meat shoot a doe or go to the grocery store..!! to all you small buck killers do your self a favor and step your game up will ya save some Bucks for the upcoming hunters ect!! you watch in 2 yrs the ar areas will have better class bucks guaranteed.. Its a shame that a law has to be put in place for a hunter to make the right decision.. with that said i hope everyone has a succesful safe 2012 deer season!! Dont shoot a small garbage buck!!!
  4. tru fire has a new one out right now mark and trry drury are representing it but i tell ya what it looks top notch check out trufire web site Enlarge Image Hardcore Buckle Black Foldback MAX Product #MX-HDBBLKF Item is in stock and ready to ship USD$ 109.99 Qty: they have some for 89$$ as well and lifetime warranty made in usa thats worth every penny right there!!
  5. Big Indian they are amazing get the venture and equipe it with axion products and youll have a z7 s cousin!! they are absolutley deadly bows fast real smooth quite (dead end string stop and dampeners) it is a great bow for the money i have the venture in black and love it plus the $ from the purchase goes to a mission foundation. i put the best of the best on it sight, rest(qad hd drop away amazing) mathews t5 quiver axion stabilizer I have $1000 in everything with 6 arrows. youll save a few 2-300 $ compared to the z7 or new helium and have a very nice reliable quality Mathews bow for yrs to come. Good luck.. stay away from the craze thats more a kids , ladies bow go with the venture its 150$ more but worth it trust me.. 320ish fps 80% let off. Barrets bow hunting has a online site and they do a bow club(lay away) hell build your bow and you pay what and when you can till its paid off mught make it a little easier on ya$$ wise. heres there sight there the #1 mission dealer in ny barretts bowhunting .com 257 East 14th St. Elmira Heights, NY 14903 (607) 733-7773 ask for Don About Us» Hours Brands» Categories» Trophy Room» Events» Contact Us Bows Mission Venture Specs. SilencersN/A Physical Weight3.96 lbs Axle to Axle30.25 " Brace Height7.125 " Let-off80% RiserFully Machined Finish (Riser/Limbs)N/A IBO RateUp to 321 fps Draw Length26 - 31.5" Draw Weight35 - 70 lbs. GripComposite Cam(s)EL Single Cam String LengthN/A BowstringsZebra Hybrid Cable GuardCarbon Rod Cable LengthN/A MSRP$499.00 (Bow Only) Description Spot, stalk, creep, crawl…you’re ready to do whatever it takes to bring home the big game. The Venture is a bow that honors that mission. It’s strong, sleek, compact and loaded with added string suppression and a roller guard for extra-smooth stealth. This bow is packed with proven technology.
  6. guys thanks ny antler was able to verify that i am in the 15th edition ranking 47th in the gun category. Ill have to look into getting that book.. Thanks for checking that for me, i sent in all the paper work and pics and $ never seen a book... Ill check into it thanks again..Brian
  7. hey guys my name is Brian can 1 of yall that have a newer nys big buck club book tell me if im in it for a black bear should be aroun #50 in nys 20 1/16 let me know if im in there id like to purchase a book yr is in the neighborhood of 2005 or so cant remember thanks pm me if any one finds out thanks.Brian
  8. this is a new bow shot more like 20 times safe a couple bucks $$ with this purchase again 1100 invested sell for 975 1100 -975 =125 off if interested might go down to 950 if not no biggie itll be hee when i can hunt again thought id try and help someone get a great bow fo less then a store would sell for.. its a mathews and all parts are warrantied for life of bow!!!
  9. bought this past sept shot less then 40 times all black with all the axion stuff you can get for it qad dropaway rest, axion 5 inch stabilizer with 2inch extension, mathews dampner in riser, mathews m5 quiver, extreme raptor 1 pin sight adjustable, g5 peep, monkey tails, black wrist strap. set at 60# 28 inch draw have $1100 in it sell for $975.00 hate to sell it but bad news takes me out of the game for 2 yrs or so=( also game hide lost camo bibs mid weight and heavy weight coat paid $400 sell for $200 wore less then 10 times nice camo if interested contact me @ 607-731-0435 or pm me on this sight located in chemung NY pass the word to your friends I need to sell but prices are firm cant give it away as i said just bought in sept thanks guys and girls my loss is your gain very nice equipment.
  10. hey crappy ice check your pm mail has i sent ya a personal message thanks
  11. I dont see any pot holes thats not a ny road its to nice lol incredible buck sadly that is how a lot of the MONSTER bucks die car collisons..... NICE DEER AND NICE ROAD.....
  12. EXACTLY a 100" is a good buck your right we dont see many of those because 80% of these KILLERS shoot the 11/2 yr olds!! ARS are a blessing to all hunters and wanna be hunters.. LIKE ANy thing itll take 2 +yrs to see results but eventually Hunting Deer will be good again in all counties of ny.
  13. WOOLY WOOLY WOOLY NO I dont jump out I use the pricy climbing sticks to safely climb down. my 90/100 " mark was what a deer/ buck will be after it makes it through the ar time period Now just so were clear thats no monster but to guys who are used to shooting spikes and 4 pts like your self thats a pretty nice Buck!! ENOUGH SAID BY ME DONT NEED TO ARGUE OR DISCUSS THE LITTLE BUCK THING NO MORE!!! Like talking to a wall with some of yas... any who have a great xmas maybe santa will bring ya a few trail cams so you can find those 90/100 + inch deer and leave the baby bucks alone...... HO HO HO
  14. So you mean to tell me that if you let a young buck live a few yrs 2.5 / 3 or so that they will be be trophy class/decent bucks???????? go figure id never guessed that to be true..lol LET THE YOUNG BUCKS GO MEAT HUNTER OR NOT 90/100 INCHES SHOULD BE MINIMUM FOR ANY HUNTER TO WANT AND KILL ABUCK!!!!!! Hunters harvest nice bucks for the wall and(freezer) killers kill deer scrub/young bucks to kill deer.. If youve been in the game for more then 2 yrs you should be looking and shooting decent bucks not spikes 4 pts (pathetic deer) let em live and grow.. just my opinion ARS will and do work but so does trigger management..
  15. ARS FINALLY hope we get them here in 8y the little bucks shouldnt be shot any ways we will see
  16. 1 st time for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats hope you left some deer for next yr lol????????????
  17. It boils down to this you have to know the woods / area you are hunting if you cant get doe tags well then your only shooting a buck and if your limited on buck quality your probally only going to shoot a younger buck in this case a younger buck is ok (Iguess) if you have doe tags and you hunt a area with little doe #s I would not harvest those does as there needed!!(if you want a chance @ a buck) if your area has a high # of does well then harvest a fair number of those does. bottom line know your deer and where your hunting the conditions are different all over the state tag soup isnt a bad thing i d rather eat tag soup then kill all my deer if you let them grow or age they will get big if you leave some does they will reproduce and that will allow for many yrs of hunting to come.. pass if you can on the small bucks and youll be rewarded with a decent buck pass on a decent buck and youll eventually be rewarded with a great buck, and once your rewarded with a great Buck thats all youll want after that the reward and accomplishment means so much more. any 1 of us can shoot and kill deer but very few can shoot great ones........ DONT OVER HUNT / KILL the deer in your area... HUNT HARD HUNT SAFE
  18. GUYS GUYS GUYS its x-mas listen im a more so now in my career a horn hunter however any one CAN shoot anyBuck thats legal if they so choose so.. How ever it does dent the % of the more trophey/ mature class bucks. Bottom line is unless you own 100s of acres with acres of food plots its tough to control/ manage the bucks that are being killed and the ones that get let go.Ars will help with atleast getting the bucks to a 2 1/2 yr old age which would put most decent gened bucks in the 60 70 even 100 inch range which is beter than 15 inches. Again after voicing my opinion and reading others Hunting is supposed to be about getting in to the outdoors taking a child w/ya (I took my lil girl out this bow season and even though im kinda against it i would of shot a 4 pt or smaller if i had the chance when she was withme) having fun relaxing ect and as long as you ve done any of those things then youve succeeded. big buck or spike i can tell ya this turning toward the trophy bucks only will do just the opposite of what i said it takes the fun out it stresses me out more because there far and few between, and it ends up feeling more like work then fun. so after a not so great 2011 season(granted i saw alot of deer just not to many TROPHY bucks) I might go back to taking DECENT bucks and saving my lunch money for a Hadley creek hunt a yr for the monster buck. I know i may have offended some members and again I will appologize as that is not who i am im the kinda guy who d help anyone and hope i didnt paint the wrong picture of my self. 1 more shot for me in the morning where the action has been getting REAL good as of late due to these finally cold temps i wish i/ we had 2 more weeks but ya know what im going to have fun tomorrow and if i get a oppurtunity i might just take it regardless of antler size /score. I wish everyone and there familys a Merry x-mas DEADDEER1
  19. Id say its wasted 3 days is good in cool temps longer you hang the better the met will taste but when you say temps were 39-57 yikes and yuck 57 is warm if theres any sort of sour smell obviosly its junk as well if its darker in color . I think shes coyote bait. wow 57 degrees
  20. The Drury Brothers be'd proud to bad the buck wasnt better but the footage was def good thought about videoing my hunts to share with my kids but just more time and effort and $ to dedicate to hunting. I might just do a action cam next yr. nice editing work.
  21. My old lady picked me a wine it was a hazlitt white (white stag) it had a buck on the label and thats why she picked it. WOW was that freakin amazing like drinking juice fairly cheap to 7-8$ give it a try HAZLITT white stag with the deer on the label white it also said it went good with spicy food.. GOOD STUFF white stag adult fruit juice
  22. Hey Im stoked for you and any 1 else who harvests a true trophy deer. now tell me its a awesome feeling / acomplisement isnt it. my only Bitc** on here his to the guys MOSTLY GROWn men who shoot the 1=11/2 yr old deer the spikes 4 pts small sixes and just smaller bucks in general 10-60 inch deer they not only post pics but a so proud of it story as well. that upsets me and embarrases me.(legal deer or not) I for yrs have let the small bucks/deer go in hopes they wil continue to be passed by other hunters and in hopes for that deer to be bigger next yr. your deer you say was a 183inch BOONE / CROCKET was a deer that was fortunite enough to be passed yr after yr. I cant wait till all of NY adopts the ARs and even some mid west deer laws shorted gun seasons ect. we as hunters really are hurting are future of deer hunting by shooting any and every deer we see. Thats My only Bitch I congratulate any 1 on a succesful hunt but in the same thought wish and hope they d up there buck age / size standards!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL HUNTING NY MEMBERS
  23. Beayty id say its a true pic dont looked shoped to me lucky dude
  24. WOW big big big I hate to admit it but caught off guard on a 130 inch deer yesterday morning I whiffed / rushed the shot My fault100% =( (SUCKS 1st good buck Ive seen all yr) I couldnt imagine seein one of these boys in the wild.. . These deer are why I hunt you never know what your going to see! I couldnt imagine paying to hunt rasied pend up deer,, yeah you killed a big buck but it was handed to ya just dont sit well with me,, on another note must be nice to have stupid $$$ im sure that deer was upward of 10K...
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