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  1. Fresh scrapes all around. Freezing my behind off but loving every minute of it. is everyone else noticing a high number of Coyotes around? They are everywhere just East of Syracuse.
  2. First 2 shots at 6:35. Later than I expected. Good luck everyone!!
  3. First time out with my 15yr old where he has the weapon. Hoping to get it done in 7F today. good luck everyone! Does anyone else have any snow?
  4. The number of times I have looked down at my hands or clothes and seen ticks crawling on me is insane. Yesterday my wife had one crawling on her in Target. Im sure it came from me but its just insane lately. Does anyone spray their hunting clothes with anything? Im nervous because most of those sprays smell terrible. With a 10 month old at home I have to be super careful.
  5. Close encounter with a stud 8. Only have a doe tag unfortunately. Come on gun season!
  6. Finally got it done in 7j tonight. Wife and I bought this land in 2017, 2 weeks before getting married. I have seen countless deer here but just now connected with a descent one. I have been an avid hunter for 25 years and hunted my whole life in 6G and 6A. I can say that the quality of deer in the Southern Tier is much different. My biggest bow kill and one I will remember for sure.
  7. Nicely done! Congratulations!