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  1. My S&W 629 Classic 44 Mag. with Tasco ProPoint Red dot sight and using my deer handload 240gr. Hornady XTP with H110 powder that I harvested 10 deer with since 1992.
  2. Ammunition plant to open near TexarkanaMore than $100 million spent so far; owner says facility will employ more than 400 by 2023 by Junius Stone | January 19, 2022 at 9:38 p.m. | Updated January 20, 2022 at 9:01 a.m.HOOKS, Texas -- Expansion Industries, an ammunition manufacturing company whose corporate offices are based out of Carrollton, Texas, is preparing to open a manufacturing facility here.They have begun preparation work on the East Campus of TexAmericas Center, purchasing the main G Line of the former Lone Star Army Ammunition plant, and have begun preparing the site for operations.Recently, they also have begun a recruiting drive, advertising an on-site job fair they have coming up Jan. 29. They plan on employing more than 400 by 2023 and have plans beyond that.The facility will specialize in the production of primers, a key component in ammunition manufacturing, for the small arms industry."We have invested $100 million into the site so far," said Richard A. Smissen, owner, Expansion Industries. "This is all about supply and demand. There is serious demand in the industry for this product and right now, for various reasons, the supply chain is falling woefully short. So we are getting ready to do our part to help out with that issue."Smissen describes the new facility as state-of-the-art, featuring a high level of automation. He said the site at the former Lone Star Army Ammunition plant is uniquely situated for what they will be doing."The manufacturing facilities at Lone Star were set up for ammunition manufacturing," said Smissen. "Not only the way the facilities are laid out on the former base, but the facilities themselves are hardened to protect against possible accidents working with this material. What is here was ready for someone like us to come and set up shop. So we've had our people in there getting it ready for a modern manufacturing facility. We aim to be up and running in the first few months of this year."Besides getting the facility ready to go, Expansion Industries has already begun recruiting efforts for talent. Though touting modern automated manufacturing facilities, they still will have a sizable labor force, ranging from custodial to skilled labor and technicians, to their own force of truck drivers. They are looking at a wide range of talent."We will also need various engineers and skilled professionals," he said. "Those guys will be at a premium and we want to see those resumes."Smissen says Expansion Industries picked the Hooks area for several specific reasons."This is a big asset that will do Hooks and the surrounding asset a lot of good," he said. "Also, this is a key transport area, with easy access to highway and rail freight transport, right there on TexAmericas Center. When it comes time to start shipping, there is not a place better, both in set up and location. And we will be shipping everywhere, both in this country and many places globally."Smissen sees Expansion Industries as more than a manufacturing company, however. They have a core set of values that they emphasize with their products."Every box of our ammunition, we make it clear it is about freedom," he said. "The first 10 Amendments of our Constitution lay it all out, our liberties. And the 2nd Amendment is about the freedom of an American to be armed, to defend against any who would seek to take away that freedom. And should our 2nd Amendment fall, there is nothing to prevent the rest of it from being taken. We are a faith-based company and we make that clear. We are doing what we can to take a stand for American freedoms, support shooting sports and with this facility, we will be taking it all to the next level."Smissen made it clear it was quite a maze of bureaucracy he had to navigate to get this facility up and running."Miles of red tape and mountains of paperwork, that I can tell you," he said. "And we would not have gotten this done without the team supporting us at TexAmericas Center. Scott Norton, Eric Voyles, Jeff Whitten, Teresa Kemp, Devon McClosky, thank you all."(The Expansion Industries job fair takes is scheduled for Jan. 29 at 523 Titus Road, Hooks, Texas. Prospective employees are invited to email resumes to exp-ind.com online. TexAmericas Center is sprawling business complex located about 20 miles west of Texarkana near New Boston and Hooks, Texas.)
  3. I once drove 30 minutes to my hunting spot and while loading my muzzeloader broke my ram rod. I thought I was done for till I remembered I had a roll of electrical tape in the car and used it to tape up the rod and I was off in the woods. I always keep a roll in my car for other problems plus I keep a spare ram rod just in case. LoL
  4. Wow....I guess it is bad out there with all the Tick sightings. I'm in the process of treating all my clothes with the Sawyerspermethrin so hopefully this helps. I hunt zones 7M, 7S and 7P so I want to be prepared. I don't need any more health problems.
  5. Just wondering how the tick situation is out there this year? I haven't had a chance to get out with the crossbow yet but I hunt central NY and I heard the ticks were bad this year. Wondering if the hard frosts lately have knocked them down or not.
  6. Browning sweet 16ga. took my first deer and it was a small fork horn in 1969 when I was 16 yrs. old. I still use the gun for turkeys and small game and my son's use it for deer when they come home.
  7. Pistol permit recertification plan Quote This should be shared with all legal gun owners in New York State - Notes from the September 20, 2016, representatives of the NY State Police - Fall Conference of the New York State County Clerk’s Association. Brian Olesen 1) Speaking on behalf of the State Police was Lieutenant David Stebbins, who is the new head of the Pistol Permit Bureau. 2) The State Police will be launching a web site where Pistol Permit Licensees can be re certified either online or by downloaded paper form. 3) There is no Scheduled launch date for this web site or the re certification process. Only the due date, January 31, 2018 for all license issued prior to January of 2013. 4) The filer will need to provide certain identifying information, address, etc. and will need to list on this application all handguns that they possess. This is pistol only, not long riffles. 5) The re-certification transaction is between the State Police and the Filer, not the County. The County will be involved to rectify issues that arise such as when the information on the re-certification differs from what the State Police have. 6) During this process the County Clerks will receive information on who has re-certified so that they can mark their records accordingly. 7) The State Police will contact the filer to resolve any discrepancies between the application and their existing records. The goal of the State Police is to create a database for use by law enforcement, Licensing Officers, and Mental Health. 9) All applications will be cross checked against the data bases of DMV, Mental Health and Federal Criminal Data Files 10) It was not clear if the State Police would be sending out individual notification letters to permit holders by mail or use other means such as email. 11) The State Police WILL NOT be issuing a card stating a permit holder is re-certified. The permit holder will be receiving a letter stating that their permit has been re-certified. 12) There will be no requirement that a permit holder carry proof of re-certification. 13) The State Police will be creating an online data base to check re-certification for Law Enforcement Licensing Officers 14) The responsibility of the permit holder will be fulfilled when the re-certification form is submitted to the State Police. Thus, if a problem arose where re-certification was delayed, but submitted before the deadline, licensee is still legal. 15) If the form is submitted electronically the permit holder will receive a receipt that can be printed out. 16) If submitted by mail it was recommended that the application be sent by certified mail so that there will be proof of mailing. 17) The State Police pistol permit office is comprised of four sworn officers and 20 civilians. 18) The new Lieutenant in charge is David Stebbins and his contact information is: Pistol Permit Bureau 1220 Washington Avenue, Building 22 Albany, NY 12226-2252 Phone: (518) 464-7120 Email : [email protected] 19) At the end of re-certification. The State Police will send to the licensing officer (County Clerks) a list of people who are in their records and did not re-certify. 20) The Safe Act states that upon a failure to re certify, the permit SHALL be revoked. The State Police were uncertain if the revocation was automatic or if the licensing officer had to act. 21) The State Police indicated that the County Clerks will be responsible for taking action to send a permit for revocation, and if the revocation is not automatic, the licensing officer (Judge) will have to affirmatively take action to revoke. 22) So far the State Police have not been working with the Office of Court Administration to answer this question and discuss possible procedures. 23) The exact process of revocation for has not been set and remains murky. This includes who would be responsible for investigations of the lapsed permits for either gun location or retrieval, as well as whether a judge may revoke, then immediately re-issue. 24) It was stressed that the Role of the State Police is as record keepers, not licensing officers making decisions on individual permits. 25) It was mentioned that there is an exemption from revocation in the law for persons who have not been notified of their need to be re-certified because of change of address. Please note the above items are my best recollection from the presentation and thus may be a less than perfect interpretation. I have had these comments reviewed by a few Clerks who were present for their corrections and comments. Also below is the actual section of the safe act that refers to re certification: Penal Law 400.10 (B) (b) All licensees shall be recertified to the division of state police every five years thereafter. Any license issued before the effective date of the chapter of the laws of two thousand thirteen which added this paragraph shall be recertified by the licensee on or before January thirty-first, two thousand eighteen, and not less than one year prior to such date, the state police shall send a notice to all license holders who have not recertified by such time. Such recertification shall be in a form as approved by the superintendent of state police, which shall request the license holder's name, date of birth, gender, race, residential address, social security number, firearms possessed by such license holder, email address at the option of the license holder and an affirmation that such license holder is not prohibited from possessing firearms. The form may be in an electronic form if so designated by the superintendent of state police. Failure to recertify shall act as a revocation of such license. If the New York state police discover as a result of the recertification process that a licensee failed to provide a change of address, the New York state police shall not require thelicensing officer to revoke such license.
  8. When you hunt in the woods sometimes its not exactly obvious that those little branches are in the way . You dont always notice them . I found this very true through the years. I had a 16 ga. foster slug stick in a 1-1/4inch tree 5 yrds. in front of me and caused me to lose a nice 6-point buck also had a 16 ga. slug riccohet off a branch and hit a buck in the brisket losing the deer. Shot my 44 mag revolver at a doe just before sunset and found that the 44 240gr. XTP loaded at a moderate 1200fps had gone thru the center of a tree 1-1/2" to 2.0" dia. knocking the tree down and busted a rib going into deer and stopped at the skin on other side. I had no blood trail and thought I missed the deer but upon leaving the woods I found the deer dead and it fell on the trail I had used to enter and leave the woods. I call this my miracle deer because it was the during the last 1/2 hour of the last day of deer season that I connected. You just never know! Chenango
  9. 7M Tag soup: 3 Res Buck Tags 1 Non-Res Buck Tag 3 7M DMP's Worst year in 46 years of hunting.
  10. chenango

    YES or NO?

    No for most . I can't plug my rifle its a lever with 4 shot magazine and have always wanted the late muzzeloader season to go to Dec 31st.
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