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  1. Browning sweet 16ga. took my first deer and it was a small fork horn in 1969 when I was 16 yrs. old. I still use the gun for turkeys and small game and my son's use it for deer when they come home.
  2. Pistol permit recertification plan Quote This should be shared with all legal gun owners in New York State - Notes from the September 20, 2016, representatives of the NY State Police - Fall Conference of the New York State County Clerk’s Association. Brian Olesen 1) Speaking on behalf of the State Police was Lieutenant David Stebbins, who is the new head of the Pistol Permit Bureau. 2) The State Police will be launching a web site where Pistol Permit Licensees can be re certified either online or by downloaded paper form. 3) There is no Scheduled launch da
  3. When you hunt in the woods sometimes its not exactly obvious that those little branches are in the way . You dont always notice them . I found this very true through the years. I had a 16 ga. foster slug stick in a 1-1/4inch tree 5 yrds. in front of me and caused me to lose a nice 6-point buck also had a 16 ga. slug riccohet off a branch and hit a buck in the brisket losing the deer. Shot my 44 mag revolver at a doe just before sunset and found that the 44 240gr. XTP loaded at a moderate 1200fps had gone thru the center of a tree 1-1/2" to 2.0" dia. knocking the tree down and busted
  4. 7M Tag soup: 3 Res Buck Tags 1 Non-Res Buck Tag 3 7M DMP's Worst year in 46 years of hunting.
  5. chenango

    YES or NO?

    No for most . I can't plug my rifle its a lever with 4 shot magazine and have always wanted the late muzzeloader season to go to Dec 31st.
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