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  1. I too find it interesting that some individuals constantly want the USA to fall, collapse, go into an economic depression, etc. I find it fascinating. I mean, it sure sounds like THEY are the terrorists that we've been fighting so hard all along.

    I'm all for the 2nd amendment, but when a rogue militia that thinks he's above the law goes running around putting himself and others around him at risk, it probably be best if Darwinism worked his magic sooner than later.

    Either way, condolences to his family and let's hope this struggle between the two groups end sooner than later without more bloodshed.

    A rogue militia above the law were exactly what this country was founded on. Too many have forgotten that

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  2. http://news.yahoo.com/chicago-police-sabotaging-own-dashboard-163400926.html?soc_src=copy

    Article on how the murderous, corrupt Chicago PD intentionally disable and break their dash-board cams, now why would they be doing something like that? They wouldn't be trying to hide their criminal behavior would they?

    IfI was a cop in the murder capital strictest gun control city, I would protect myself too
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  3. With all the hype about Manning, where is the credit for the guy who played all season while Manning wasb injured? Who knows how many of those games that got them there? May have been a couple more losses and not even make the playoffs.

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  4. Sign the petition and let your congressman know where you stand. This is one of the biggest issues of our time. Do we protect and preserve the North American model of conservation though hunting or do we turn over our land to the oligarchs?

    Sign below to contact your Congressman and let him know your against the transfer/ sale of your public lands.


    . To quote a fool on her. If you think the politicians are on your side, you are delusional. Most of us have figured out there is no sense arguing with a liberal. It just lowers us to your level
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