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  1. Lmao...teachers have been vocal with their concerns about standardized tests for years..I suggest you run for school board or find someone who will to help promote your agenda..that was priceless..
  2. I should have known better then to get on a topic that would raise my blood pressure and get involved in never ending arguments that no one is going to win..so one more bash to the dying horse of a topic...I think I stated that we SHOULD be teaching skills to the kids so they can function in the real world..but we don't because they are busy learning to take test.how does learning to take a test prepare kids to contribute to society or compete on global level.your right about the kids interview skills.where are tbey going to learn that? Don't tell me home...ask most of my kids about home...if they have a stable one at all...our future is in jepordy because no one is being taught leadership skills or working skills or even how to manage money..but they sure can fill in bubble with a number 2 pencil..dead horse!!!
  3. Woofer.I am not aguing with you.But to label us all bad teachers and scum is ridiculous .I can see how you are pissed.I would give my summers off for 2 weeks during the rut.when I started teaching 22 yrs ago for 20 grand I didnt care about pay and I am not teaching for a paycheck now.and neither do most of my colleagues..the american schools system gave us summer off and nys communities taxed people to pay our salaries and retirement...not me ! Vent away if need to but the more pissed and vindictive you get toward 'us" the less you seem to be focusing on the real source of the problem...and as far as the quality of teaching,you would be hard pressed to find teachers who want to teach to standardized tests instead of teaching students life skills and skills to compete on a global scale.that is politicians telling us what to do.raise test scores or no money....its all.f...ed up! Go off on someone who can make changes...instead of making stereotypical comments about people.I don't know what the hell is going on long island.my comments about my wifes job had nothing to do with your response to it.I shared that because I am aware of what's going on in the private sector and its my opi.nion that because of that all of us scummbag teachers will eventually have to take cuts as well.maybe not on long island but its coming..and many of us scummbags will deal with it because there are worse things then losin money,like not being able to teach anymore..
  4. Wow.its over.that was brutal..I am an overpaid teacher who loves his job and works hard in adistrict with a salary and step freeze that was voted on with yes by 90 percent of our faculty.we didn't riot or screw kids over or really complain.society has been dealt a shit sandwich and don't worry teacher haters, we will get our bite also..I am also a home owner and tax payer and am going to to go to bed now with a wife who works for a fortune 500 company who pays her 55 grand after 15 yrs and a quality college education. cut her health benefits all together and she's working 60 hrs and gets home just in time to help tuck our 2 yr old in just so the ceos of her company can maintain there incomes.greed is everywhere.that was just brutal.my 1st day here and 1st post..looking forward to shed hunting this wknd and relaxing..I suggest we all do something if we can...it could be worse.we could all be non hunters...what kind of life would that be.
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