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  1. erussell

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Couple of browns i got couple weekends ago.
  2. erussell

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Not sure what this was. Caught in oswego river. Is it a steelhead or a atlantic salmon.
  3. erussell

    Gawrysiak 19 pt buck

    Must have spent 10 grand just to shoot that buck behind a fence any way. Whats another 3 grand
  4. erussell

    Xbow full inclusion??

    And muzzleloader season changed to flintlock only.
  5. erussell

    Xbow full inclusion??

    I still want to see antler restrictions 4 to a side.
  6. erussell

    Xbow full inclusion??

    I hardly heard a shot all season. Deer are walking around like the season isnt even going on.
  7. erussell

    Lost my oldest pup this morning.

    Sorry for your loss. lossing dogs is hard. They are my family.
  8. erussell

    Xbow full inclusion??

    I say get rid of all the individual seasons and just have one season. Use what you want to. The only reason they have all the individual seasons is to make more money. Just charge one price say 50$ and use what you want.
  9. erussell

    the unwritten rule of claiming a hit deer

    I always tell everyone i hunt with. Lungs , heart, or liver. You don't hit one of those and i shoot it in the vitals i dont want to hear your sniveling. Shot a doe one time and it had been shot in the foot. A guy came up after i got done gutting it and ssid he hit it first. I pointed out it was in the foot and he was now on private property and in the most subtle way i could told him to piss off. Lungs, heart, or liver and learn how to shoot.
  10. erussell

    For Those Pretty Bummed Out So Far

    Only been out 4 times so far from oct 1st. 2 of them were a bust with no deer. One i had a 4 pointer come in and lay under me till almost 7:15 pm while i froze in the dark waiting for him to leave. My last hunt last fri i had a good 8 about 2.5 yrs old chasing a doe around and under my stand for a half hr before he gave up and went looking elsewhere. Still needed a few yrs so i let him pass even tho he was pretty wide he was kind of scrawny. Was looking forward to this week but it hasnt stopped raining when i can hunt.
  11. Winter rye. Only thing i plant past sept. Deer love it
  12. erussell

    Target buck has returned.

    Maybe 90s and 140s for weight. Cameras always make them look way bigger than they are
  13. Weird wind. My milkweed just hung in the air for like 5 min
  14. Couldnt help myself little chilly out had to sit one night this week.
  15. erussell

    Scary stuff

    Lol if it is true then scary! Buuuuuuuut it sounds more like he doesnt want anyone around his stand to me
  16. erussell

    well im kicking myself

    If i had shot every big buck that outsmarted me i would have to buy a bigger house.
  17. erussell

    Sad Time for New York Hunters

    Use to sound like a war zone in 7s for three weeks of gun. Now all you here is a few shots first day and maybe a few days after then nothing.
  18. erussell

    Who will be in their stands on Monday?!?

    Going to wait a few weeks to sit my stands. Might go for a walk or 2 with the bow this week on state land.
  19. erussell

    Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    Few we got this morning
  20. erussell

    TVM muzzleloaders

    Anyone have a loader built by them. Thinking of dropping the $1500 on a Tennessee flintlock poor boy.
  21. So everything I have read about clover suggests that if your PH is out and if you dont have everything perfect white clover will not grow. Now, I have whiteclover all over my yard and I have never fertilized or limed it ever. The last time I checked the ph in my yrd while messing around with a ph meter I had just bought it read around 5.5. I have clover everywhere. I have more clover than I have grass. So what gives is it just a bunch of food plot BS designed to get us to buy other un needed stuff?
  22. erussell

    These @#$&£ things!

    Walleye love them in a copper or brown color on oneida. Cast them to the bottom and slowly raise your rod tip from 6 to 12 making sure it resettles on the bottom and jerk it back up. They usually take it on the fall back to the bottom. Or drift and just sink it to the bottom and jig it making sure you feel the vibration of the lure working. They hit it on the fall this way to. Best bait I've found for that lake. Color is the key brown or copper. I think it looks like a gobie trying to escape and they pound it. Silver castmasters jigged under the boat work good to.