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  1. Have you done any formal hunt training with her? This behavior would be normal for an untrained Lab.
  2. Thanks for the reviews. Thinking of grabbing one as a spare. Can't beat the price and all of your reviews are excellent.
  3. What model do you have, and what are your thoughts?
  4. $22.99+ tax for 500 thunderbolt rounds
  5. Dicks in Greece had 22lr ammo this morning.
  6. For salmon I would suggest a charter in the month of may on the west end of the lake. Niagara river, Wilson, or olcott. The numbers can be unreal. Time it with the LOC derby and you could even pay for the trip. If you would like any names of captains let me know.
  7. I have no experience with this type of dog, but I have been training my Cheasapeake bay retriever for the last year and a half. You need to start working with your dog now. Start with the basics like sit, stay, here, and heal. Do these with rewards (food) for the first few weeks and then change to random rewards until the dog can do them without any rewards. This would be a good start and should be done daily. After this I started having my dog work on retrieving bumpers which I don't think would be applicable to your training. Get a book or find a trainer, but they key is getting them started as early as possible. Hope this helps.
  8. Wow, you store your guns in the trunk of your car and I'm the "idiot" or "moron" it's time for you to grow up, put on your big boy pants and take some responsibility for your actions. Calling people names and swearing on a public message board only reinforces what my thoughts of you are. Again, you left the gun in your trunk for months and wonder why it rusted???? Call Remington and tell them this and see what they say.....lmao
  9. You left it in your trunk for months and wonder why it rusted??? Good luck, not sure why Remington would do anything for rust. The shotgun rusted due to your mistake, not because they are crap.
  10. I hunted 9P on Saturday and the morning sounded like a war. The most number of shots I have heard in 15 years.
  11. I usually cut up my own deer or have them processed in Monroe county. I will be gone for a few days and really don't want to deal with it. Anyone know of any good processors in the Almond, Hornel, Prattsburg areas?
  12. TC Encore Stock for sale. $70 pick up. We could discuss shipping options. There is a scratch in the stock, but it's barley visable.
  13. Weaver Base and rings for TC encore. Just upgraded to a quick release base. $30 for pick up or $35 shipped. Located in the Rochester area.