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  1. Good time to be a Miami fan... Says no one ever lol
  2. Jeeps are awesome. Drive good, great in snow, fun riding threw seasonal roads and they look sick. Don't listen to the guy that drives his ol ladys car to pick up the milk lol
  3. If you guys were going to start a smaller food plot for this bow season and you were going to start tomorrow. What would you grow and why? Thanks I just closed on my first piece of land. See a ton of tracks and typical sign. Going to start tilling for a small scale food plot and looking to see what everyone uses.
  4. Not even like its a harsh statement. That's like someone coming to the cookout empty handed and complaining about the food. Ya don't like it easy... Leave! Here is a great idea why don't a few of the leftys go live ya Mexico for a week, see how they get welcomed. Pick your casket out before ya go and kiss the family good bye
  5. Shot placement. You can drop a deer in its tracks with a 22 if your shot is perfect. Would I personally recommend it, no lol.
  6. Fox can and will kill a fawn. Fawns are 100% unable to defend themselves. Sitting ducks to a starving fox
  7. So weird that twice this has happened in the last few days. Im stumped on what could have happen. Jump out and hit something, maybe under current. Ive had a close call while swimming and my boat started to get away from me faster than I could make my way back. Lady O can be scary as all hell. Don't sleep on her
  8. Its a non written rule that we all must love the M1 lol
  9. 5 second KO fastest in UFC history. And stillllllll Bones is the champ.
  10. Lol that's what I get for typing as fast as possible haha. Good catch. I'll leave it un edited for comedy purpose
  11. Bow hunting is also so different. With a gun I guess height wouldn't matter as much. But I love bow hunting and need a bit more cover for the draw.
  12. I generally hunt hard woods and when the leaves fall off the trees Its hard to get good cover. So im going to start heading a litter higher. A week ago it was dam near 80 and all the trees were covered in green. Now its nice and cool and half the trees are bare.
  13. Steaks always on the menu. Her paying wellll not so much lol. Happy wife, happy... Yea we all get it haha