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  1. Ive always liked the old black garbage can looking one lol. On my second one in 15 years not to bad.
  2. Only in NY do we get hated by another state and we still root for the other state. Somethings wrong with the picture
  3. Not telling me but a thing lol
  4. AJ 5 home runs back to back lets see them go up
  5. Deer was on top of that. Hope it made it away.
  6. Good time to be a Miami fan... Says no one ever lol
  7. Jeeps are awesome. Drive good, great in snow, fun riding threw seasonal roads and they look sick. Don't listen to the guy that drives his ol ladys car to pick up the milk lol
  8. If you guys were going to start a smaller food plot for this bow season and you were going to start tomorrow. What would you grow and why? Thanks I just closed on my first piece of land. See a ton of tracks and typical sign. Going to start tilling for a small scale food plot and looking to see what everyone uses.
  9. Not even like its a harsh statement. That's like someone coming to the cookout empty handed and complaining about the food. Ya don't like it easy... Leave! Here is a great idea why don't a few of the leftys go live ya Mexico for a week, see how they get welcomed. Pick your casket out before ya go and kiss the family good bye
  10. Shot placement. You can drop a deer in its tracks with a 22 if your shot is perfect. Would I personally recommend it, no lol.
  11. Fox can and will kill a fawn. Fawns are 100% unable to defend themselves. Sitting ducks to a starving fox