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  1. Wrote one last year for english class, i think i have it posted on this page somewhere.
  2. I heard a very strong and cheap "bridge" can be made with 2 old telephone poles. They are very strong, cheap, and were recommended for a friend who wanted to drive his gator over a creek.
  3. Specifically for hunting mature trophy whitetail...An 300-500 acre "island" of hardwoods mix, thicket, food plots, a pond etc, In the middle of a sea of agricultural fields. But for a place to live and raise a family, and hunt when id like... A house on a pond, sitting on 100-300 acres of land, possibly NY or MT, where i can raise my kids right, and in the outdoors.
  4. been using gmap4 for a while now, love it. Thanks
  5. Good luck, im on crutches now. Bruised knee bone. On from October 30th to January 2nd. I managed to get out hunting a few times, i would crutch out into the blind with the rifle. Hopefully muzzle loader season treats me well, it sure would be a cool story!
  6. You read correctly, 20 doe last Thursday, and now that im looking to fill the freezer...not a single one in sight.
  7. Its funny, this weekend i was finally ready to start shooting does. Ive passed up hundreds of does, 20 in one day on Thursday. This weekend i spent 9 hours in the woods, 2 mornings and one afternoon in the same spot i watched the 20 doe. Zero deer.....its bad enough im crutching into the woods because of a bruised knee bone( on crutches till January) , but its like as soon as i want to shoot them, they all disappeared. To make it worse.....heading down the dirt road, headed home, on the neighbors property there was an absolute beautiful wide 8 point with 9 doe and a 4 point. They were hanging out on the side of the road not 500 yards from where i was sitting.
  8. I have been hearing of so much action around us! I had a good feeling hunting tonight, tomorrow all day, Sunday all day, and Monday (i have off school. Mid day at school during gym today we were playing soccer, and uh oh. Now the hospital said i have to stay off my right leg until Monday when i go and see the orthopedics. Hopefully when i get there its nothing too bad.
  9. Wait.....isnt that illegal? I may be wrong but i thought only youth are allowed.
  10. Wow! just checked out bing. Looks very rescent!
  11. press start gmap 4 on top middle of page. Has all different aerial views, topographic, etc.
  12. Me, my dad, and our buddy Dave went on a trip up to Spencer, NY for the weekend. I got picked up early Friday and we got up in time to hunt Friday afternoon. I was in a stand on a hedgerow facing the woods, there was a thicket in front of me and an overgrown field to both sides of me (to my left was also an apple tree). My stand was a big base ladder stand in a big oak , with a swivel seat and burlap all around. I loved this stand from the beginning. I saw 2 doe around 5 30, and witnessed a nice 4 pointer chase a doe around my tree for a good half hour. Just as the sun was about to set, around 6:10, no warning, didn't even hear a thing, a MONSTER steps out of thicket. In 3 seconds he was right there, 10 yards broadside. Everything happened so quickly i couldn't even count the amount of points he had on his non-typical rack. I got my bow up, nocked my arrow, and started to draw my bow. At 1/3 draw, my phone starts vibrating. I pause, he looks up and i hold my bow half drawn, shaking, he sees me And in an instant hes off. I have yet to be in any situation like that, let alone have a shooter buck within 30 yards of me, so i don't know what i could have differently! The text that made the biggest buck i might ever see spook off, was from my Grandpa saying "good luck if you go hunting this weekend". The whole rest of the trip i sat in the exact spot praying for another opportunity. Who ever thought that my phone in my pocket vibrating, would be something a deer could hear.
  13. I also hunt in 3m, warwick. Tons of doe and little bucks. I have only seen one scrape and zero rubs. But i know the place we hunt has some real nice deer, its just getting them out during daylight. Buddy down the road said he saw 2 nice bucks after sundown. So hopefully its picking up and bucks will be on their feet.