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  1. Going out anyway......my cams has just bf dark movement. GOOD LUCK ALL!!!
  2. Traditions 50 cal ML. BuckSlayer; Nickel, Drill and tappoed 'no scope' synthetic stock New in box....185 BO
  3. Any other wheel chair bound hunters having any luck. Im C 5-6 quad. Hunted hard this season and took a decent 7 point and small flat top. Gun looks iffy,my spoits are really wet. GOOD LUCK
  4. Thanks......actually, both were with bow. 1 spring 1 Fall
  5. Ok so its just a jake, I hunted hard this yr and with the early spring the big boys were messed up. I have hunted deer with great success but turkey, every-time something would go wrong. Like I said, only my second bird......next yr ?
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