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  1. hey buddy, good news for you http://www.dec.ny.go...ml#Recreational 11/9/12 - Suffolk and Nassau county DEC lands are now open for all activities. Hunting spaces will be used on a first come, first serve basis. The Ridge Hunter Check Station will remain closed over the extended holiday weekend due to lack of electricity. No daily access permits are necessary over the weekend. Please use your seasonal pass when parking and using properties. No pheasant stocking has taken place. Stocking will be reassessed on Tuesday. Deer cannot be checked over the weekend, but can be checked on Friday and
  2. thats awful. isn't there any check point in that area?
  3. it was temporary. please call up the DEC checkpoint, as you would need daily permit for november-december for rocky point. 631-924-3156 normally you have to call and reserve in one week advance. after that you need to show up on that day early morning and the checkpoint would allocate your hunting location.
  4. How much you normally pay for processing the skin?
  5. man, its an antler deer. you gotta wake up in the morning and hunt it. i would just wake all night to get this deer.
  6. I just recieved this email from DEC. Its kinda scary. NY Big Game, If you hunt deer or elk in Pennsylvania or know someone who does, be aware of this new rule. See the press release below. DEC ISSUES EMERGENCY REGULATION FOR CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE TO PROHIBIT IMPORTING CERTAIN ANIMAL PARTS Action Taken to Protect New York’s Deer Population in Response to Pennsylvania Discovery The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) issued an emergency rulemaking that revises the state’s Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) regulations in response to a confirmed case of CWD in Pennsyl
  7. hey, I didn't say anything about high or low. I just wanted to ask that was it $80? cause on the add it says $80. thats why.
  8. its not impossible for a citizen. you just have to follow the steps. yes ofcorse the hunting license would help you and the police department would consider it.
  9. how much did you pay? $80 bucks!!
  10. Don't get fooled by what other say. It is important that you make sure yourself that the land is open for public hunting. Go through the county, and look in this list. If you get a match, then go further: http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/8297.html
  11. 1. Pheasant after november 1 2. Rabbit 3. If I can get a dog, we might shoot one or two waterfowl. Or just swim to get it from the water. For waterfowl might have to buy stamp.
  12. Thanks Shawn and Elmo, you guys are terrific.
  13. I visited otis pike preserve last weekend, and felt like if i can get one or two companion we can hunt together. there is lots of things to learn, and small game hunting can give some experience.
  14. yeah, the cashier might be new. they normally take your driver license info.
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