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  1. I hope someday when I'm gone at least one person on here wonders where I am!
  2. Best wishes on healing up! Hope you come back stronger than ever!
  3. Good question, I'll have to ask them. I heard they chased some plant thieves down to the city recently.
  4. I think it's hard to answer, some places just have the right soils, right genetics and habitat, and naturally it's a good area to produce nice deer yr after yr. I hunted a property like this fairly early in my hunting days and yr after yr there were multiple and multiple big bucks cruising the property. Now a days the property I have doesn't have the best soil..... so you have to work for it, food plots, habitat improvements..... and maybe even some help from your neighbors letting smaller bucks go.
  5. And people say im difficult because I don't like to fly what's so ever. Sad deal
  6. All in all it was a good day, saw 7 doe this morning and 3 bucks this afternoon, one got me close to pulling the trigger but he wasn't what I was looking for, heck I don't need anymore so he's gotta be really nice. My brother saw 3 doe and one buck and my dad saw 1 buck and 1 doe, so pretty happy with those sightings!
  7. Between my brother and I we saw 10 doe and one buck this am, not to shabby. I'm gonna head out for a hour or so then dry up for the evening hunt.
  8. Yeah good call, I'm basically due west of where you hunt and my wife said the driveways a sheet of ice, it's crappy down this way 8n. I'm debating if I should head home before it gets worse.
  9. Busted 3 tails out of the food plot and have 4 doe in it now. They are getting a pass and I'm hoping they draws me a big buck
  10. Tomorrow I'm gonna pull a most of the day hunt with this change of weather coming in and as a family have nothing going on so I'm free!!! Not sure where I'm going first thing probably a game time decision ( I usually have a hardtime deciding which stand)
  11. This morning I grab my coffee sat on the couch and enjoyed looking at my buck rub tree!
  12. This may be the last yr, our son at 10 was not a big believe, this yr at 11 not at all. Same with believing in santa.
  13. Haha, yep but the elf is no longer effective with our son as he's to old now. Back in the day we used that thing against him, we'd say hey the elf's watching and will tell Santa, that always worked!