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  1. Pigmy

    Glory Lighted Nock

    they're new to the scene and my understanding is that they're made by the maker of nockturnal. there was some thing with him and his wife and that's why he's making a new nock. nockturnals were the best of the 3 nocks i've tried over the year. The kicker is you need a tool to turn them off and glorynock claims the same performance with no tool. The reviews have been mixed online though so I'd love to hear what you think. But if they're your first lighted nock you wont have much to compare too. and if you're a super picky archer, note that the weight is usually more than your unlighted nocks.
  2. Pigmy

    Todays chuckle

    i'm not bent out of shape. the thread title IS my point. What's the joke? You're fishing and not watching football and that's funny? and because tone is hard to express with words. I'm not angry or want to fight about it. just throwing it out there.
  3. Pigmy

    Todays chuckle

    never understood this mentality. You can continue to enjoy what you want to do while others enjoy what they want and neither affects the other.
  4. i haven't heard all the details yet, but find it funny that the thought of a convicted felon illegally possessing firearms and shooting at cops could be solved by gun control. Now gun control can be a broad statement, and I too would endorse tougher penalties and better control over the illegal gun trade, but the headline conveys a different message to most.
  5. Pigmy

    the self checkout at walmart isnt that bad.....

    i was being facetious. i have a pretty serious grip on my finances. Good points to add though for the rest to read and understand.
  6. Pigmy

    the self checkout at walmart isnt that bad.....

    well that's another discussion. First we were talking jobs and now we're talking pensions, which don't exist hardly anywhere anymore. Kodak was fat and happy yes. My father worked there for 32 years before they finally razed his building. I worked there for 2 summers as an intern. They very much mismanaged their business. I've also worked for Honeywell and GE who have both had pension programs and no longer do. The later is crippled by their fat and happy pension ways. None of the 3 companies we're discussing here was affected by automation. They're systemically affected by greed, corruption, regulations and generally becoming too large and not being able to adjust for the changing times. Best buy did, circuit city didn't. Amazon did. Sears didn't. There are examples for both of are arguments. Generally speaking I would agree with you that the benefits for the american worker have dwindled significantly. Health care sucks, pensions don't exists which leads to many job hopping every few years as there is no longer any loyalty. Most of our retirement plans now sit and grow in the stock market and all we can do is hope that it's doing ok when we retire. sucks.
  7. Pigmy

    the self checkout at walmart isnt that bad.....

    kodak is not a good example at all. I can point to the hundreds of local businesses that spawned from their screw ups and now employee thousands of rochestarians.
  8. Pigmy

    the self checkout at walmart isnt that bad.....

    we will literally pay people to go to mcc or a technical school to become test technicians. I know it's not black and white, but it's also not as boo hoo as some make it out to be. There are opportunities and not everyone is just going to hand you everything.
  9. Pigmy

    Stand height for hangon

    correct moog. those near 30 footers are on the side of pretty steep ravines. But even at 20 or so feet you do have to be conscious of angle. here are 2 pics I could find of bow kills over the years where they've gone off the run and come in closer then i'd like. Still dead deer, but not ideal.
  10. Pigmy

    the self checkout at walmart isnt that bad.....

    there are other opportunities for those with experience. but the point is we're just looking for bodies. yeah you wont be rich, but it's a job with major growth potential. I hear sanders and AOC up there rallying against the system and I honestly think the only group they're talking to is that 4% that's basically already unemployable and others who just dont want to work at all. It's scary.
  11. Pigmy

    the self checkout at walmart isnt that bad.....

    there's a team of engineers in an office somewhere who is designing and maintaining the self checkout system. That building is being leased, they pay utilities, there's a janitor, admins, support staff. The machine doesn't just replace Sandra the cashier. And on another note, we're looking for $15 an hour stockroom employees. Only GED is needed and no skills. We've had a dozen open jobs for months now that we can't fill. We thought we just had a good group of 8 and 4 failed their drug test. Unemployment is under 4% in upstate. If your only hope to put food on your table is to be a cashier, you're not even really looking for a job. Not trying to rant, even though I did. But some of y'all think you're going to prevent the spread of technology by not using it? You're not doing anything noble. Heck, this forum is replacing banquets, rod and gun clubs, and even the local watering hole to some degree.
  12. Pigmy

    the self checkout at walmart isnt that bad.....

    i think the pain in the neck part is the issue. Your experience should be BETTER, not worse. And the kicker is they're asking for equal pay. There's a stereotypical walmart cashier that we all know. They're super slow, sometimes talking to their coworker or even on the phone and they want more money for performing worse than the machine next to them.
  13. Pigmy

    the self checkout at walmart isnt that bad.....

    3rd. still pretty cool given the scope and competition.
  14. Pigmy

    the self checkout at walmart isnt that bad.....

    tops was/is a union. little good did that do me when I told them i was competing in state super sectionals for track and field and they fired me for not coming to work. if i knew a little more about the world i probably would have got a hold of the union and at least made management's life difficult. I was in the grocery dept. and saturday night was turnover night. I get it. But you hire high school kids and penalize them for excelling in sports? Later went on to work at chase pitkin and they had the exact opposite approach and rewarded student athletes. that right there is why wegmans does well.