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  1. Why not just launch at Callahan's marina around the corner?
  2. Just go to the Blackstone website (the new propane flattops that are all over) and follow the same process they recommend. Basically use a high smoke point oil (flax seed) put a thin coat on, heat on high for 15 minutes, add another coat of oil and keep heating. Repeat these steps and it will turn a nice dark color and be seasoned.
  3. Some morning wreck fishing with my wife in the Florida Keys.
  4. Fresh caught by (wife and I) African Pompano, with crab and scallop stuffing along with fresh caught by us yellow jack sushi (sorry, no pic of that).
  5. I bought one for my wife and she loves the thing. I think it was worth the investment so far.
  6. Our lab started drooling two different times like you describe. One time was due to him getting a glow stick and chewing it, after some research I guess they are very bitter (and non-toxic) and that caused the drooling. The other time he got some kind of bug (might have been a stink bug) and I think it was similar, bitter and caused the drooling. Might have been something as simple as a bug.
  7. Okay, well I have a Vortex CM-202 mount that I would sell if you are interested in it. If not that's fine too.
  8. Does the viper you have have a 30 mm tube? If so, I may have a mount for you.
  9. If you get the chance you should defiantly take it, it's incredible. We go down a couple times a year to the keys fishing. One of the trips each year is the fathers day dolphin tournament, with my father, father-in-law, and brother-in-law. last June's trip was filmed and will be on the sportsman's channel coming up late January or early February. If you get the Sportsman's channel, keep and eye out for Two Conchs Sportfishing TV, it's a show all about fishing the keys.
  10. That first pic of the very small spike could have been an early fawn from this year and it grew spikes rather than just buttons.
  11. Just go and buy a Vacmaster VP215 and be done with it. You will never want to use a non-chamber type ever again. They seal so much better, you can buy premade bags for a fraction of the cost, it has an oil filled pump that will last forever. I went that way a few years back and have never regretted it. The only time I use a regular type sealer is when I travel down south fishing and that's due to portability.
  12. I fly to Florida several times a year sport fishing in the keys. It's not uncommon for me to bring back 100# of frozen fish fillets at a time. I have a friend that lives in the keys so I am able to leave a vacuum sealer down there year around and use it as needed. What I do is vacuum seal the fish and freeze it. I have two RTIC brand soft sided coolers (https://www.rticcoolers.com/shop/coolers/softpak/Soft-Pack-40-Grey) I also have one of their backpack coolers (https://www.rticcoolers.com/shop/coolers/back-pack/Back-Pack-Cooler-Blue-Grey) . I pack the frozen fish and 5# or under of dry ice in each cooler and check the cooler as normal luggage. This system works out very well and everything is still frozen rock hard when I get home. You can have 5# of dry ice per bag without issues with the airline. One thing to remember with the dry ice is to leave a zipper on the cooler slightly cracked open as they are very tight sealing and will actually start to blow up from the dry ice if you don't. You can fit about 50-55# of fillets in each of the soft side 40 coolers and about 40# in the backpack cooler.
  13. The biggest issue with 16 gauge would be ammo availability (in steel or non-toxic) and ammo cost. .410, 28, 16 are much more expensive to shoot (like almost double the cost) since they only run limited runs of shells.
  14. I currently have three of the spypoint Link-Dark models out running and haven't had a seconds trouble with any of them. I am using two of them for security purposes and shocked at how well they actually work.
  15. Biz you would be shocked how brazen people are when it comes to big deer. They will trespass, jack at night, do whatever it takes once they know where one is. As far as finding were it is, it the internet age you can figure out who a person is from profiles and then search out tax maps and things to find them. This stuff happens all the time.