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  1. Okay, well that's not going to work. I'm up by Syracuse.
  2. I may be interested in a trade. Where are you located?
  3. Speaking of fat, has anyone tried using beef fat in their burger instead of pork fat? IDK, but I prefer to have a burger cooked medium and for some reason it skeeves me out doing that with venison and pork fat... Plus I think the different fats have different flavors.
  4. All of Tactacams plans are per camera, so you could have the basic on one cam and the ultimate on another depending on how many pictures you are getting. You can also instantaneously upgrade or downgrade your plan on any camera via the tactacam app.
  5. I have to agree with what has already been said here. I've tried a bunch of the different cell cams and bang for the buck I would say tactacam has it right now. Others I've used work okay for the most part but are 2-3 times the price. I will say the tactacam app is a bit clunky, but it functions. I think the biggest thing with most cams is the batteries. I don't trust the level indicator on any of the cams. I know for a fact that I've had cameras that said the batteries were full charge and I replaced them anyway and they go back to working as they should once new batteries are installed. I would bet that your old bushnell was likely setup for a 3G network and now it's no longer supported, or the firmware is so out of date it won't work.
  6. Really? In my area, pretty much none of the same deer are in the same areas from summer to hunting season.
  7. You're right, there isn't one person that wouldn't file for it, but my feeling is based on the parasite that he has been to our state he should be stripped of it.
  8. What he did was just saved his lifetime retirement plan and pension. If/when he would have been impeached and removed they would have stripped it from him.
  9. The first exec. order king Andy needs to do is repeal his own bail reform BS, that's a good start to fixing the problem. Yes jails will fill up initially, but once criminals realize that there are consequences again things will ease on that front.
  10. I have the large one like pictured, and it works well. One thing I would recommend is getting one of the ones with an attached lid. My biggest complaint is having to clean it when I am done with it and then also having to clean it before I start because it doesn't have a lid.
  11. You always have the option of fencing your plot to keep the deer from killing it. This works very well with smaller plots of beans and even corn. You can use the thin nylon with wire in it and a solar fencer. Staggering the fence by 3ish feet will keep them primarily out as they don't have depth perception. Then you can take the fence down closer to fall and you will actually have a crop of beans and corn that they can forage on all season as well as into winter.
  12. 7mm-08 or a 6.5 creedmore would be my first two choices and not necessarily in that order. Both offer mid-size bullet weight with minimal recoil along with great accuracy. Another advantage is they both are readily available.
  13. Those old photos were from the good old days when the Daks actually got logged and had a healthy forest so animals had food and cover. Now much of it is baron land with mature woods and no feed. It really needs a good logging program or a good old fashioned forest fire.
  14. I hear ya, NY pizza in Canastota is good as well at Nina's in Chittenango.
  15. I hear ya, NY pizza in Canastota is good as well at Nina's in Chittenango.
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