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  1. Rack Attack

    What About a Limited Draw?

    I feel this should be covered by what is called a habitat stamp (in many states). This habitat stamp would be part of your regular purchase of a hunting license. What this would do is require others that use public property to help fund it by requiring they have a habitat stamp. As it is, the majority of the money that is used to fund public property is funded by hunting license sales, however there are many people using public property without a hunting license (ie. hikers, skiers, bicyclers ect.). I'm not saying they shouldn't be using public property for these activities, I just feel they should be helping to fund it like the hunters are. As far as the other part of the conversation about adjusting deer hunting regulations. I feel if they changed to a 1 buck limit without attaching it to any implement, along with reducing the length of firearms season (maybe a split season) and moving it out of the rut, then you would see some gains in age structure of whitetail buck. Just my $.02
  2. Rack Attack

    Need Simple Grilled Back Strap Marinade

    Bottle of soy sauce Cup of veg. oil Minced garlic Cup of sugar sesame seeds Horseradish Minced red onion Mix well, put in ziplock bag in fridge for a day.
  3. Rack Attack

    New rifle.. What scope??

    I'm a fan of leupold as well, but would also consider a 3-9x40 trijicon for this rifle. You can get either a standard type duplex or a post type reticle, and the glass is pretty nice in them.
  4. Rack Attack

    Crossbow string mishap

    Interesting, I had that same model and decided to upgrade. Sold mine to a friend and he had the string break as well. This xbow hadn't been shot more than 30-40 times either...
  5. Rack Attack

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    So you're saying that someone can fly a drone over my fenced in back yard and spy on my sun bathing wife and there is nothing I can do about it? I don't think so...
  6. Rack Attack

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    It's actually illegal to fly drones over peoples property without permission, so that's out too.
  7. Rack Attack

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    Serious question, is the deer feeder you can see one of the automatic feed ones? Did he maybe use that to throw feed to said chickens daily instead of having to dump a 5 gallon bucket?
  8. Rack Attack

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    Have him arrested? lmfao .. It is not against the law to feed your chickens...... enter sarcasm...
  9. Rack Attack

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    You keep stating "what's right is right", but you have absolutely no proof that they did anything "wrong" you have totally assumed that part and have gone as far as comparing it to abuse of children. All you have done is heard second hand information about your neighbor and used that information to assume the worst of your neighbor. With the other statements you've made about them on hear it really sounds like you are jealous of them and are using that and your assumptions to justify calling the police on them for something that may or may not have even happened. I really hope I never have neighbors like you...
  10. Rack Attack

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    On this one, I feel if you saw the bait in the field either from a property line or however it would be justified. Based off the information you have provided, you have no proof of wrong doing and really no justification for accusing the person of wrong doing. All you "know" (from a second hand source) is that he bought some corn from a local farmer, this happens all the time. Are you sure the guy doesn't have a couple of pig, or beef cows he's feeding? As stated, does he burn it for fuel? If myself and family had a cold and I went to the drug store and bought a bunch of cold medicine and you saw me are you going to call the police accusing me of making meth? Just asking...
  11. Rack Attack

    Vacuum sealers?

    I also have a vacmaster chamber sealer, it's night and day compared to the standard type vacuum sealers. I use the VP215.
  12. Rack Attack

    tower stands

    Put one screw anchor into the ground in the middle of the blind with a cable down to it.
  13. Rack Attack

    Barnett's Customer Service SUCKS !

    I'm not sure how it's possible that tightening the bolt retainer can cause the end of the bolt to tip up? The bolt should be flat on the flight deck and no amount of pressure should cause the arrow to lift off the flight deck unless the flight deck is bowed up in the middle or there is an obstruction in the fletch channel.
  14. Rack Attack

    Winchester Model 70 7mmwsm

    PM Sent.
  15. Rack Attack

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Ray's is great, go there quite often! Don't be afraid of the smoked meatloaf...