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  1. I have a treager and really like it. I think it does a really good job and is easy to use. I like that the model I have has the wifi setup so that I can monitor and adjust from my phone so i don't have to babysit it all the time.
  2. He should be buying this, even comes with some ammo.
  3. Are you referring to a 6.0 chevy? LOL If so, you must not have drive any diesel pickup from the modern era, cause there's no comparison. The little 6.0 might be okay for dragging your little boat around or hauling glider fuel in the back, but if you need to haul anything heavy the diesel is the way to go. It's all about your needs...
  4. I really love how our society has come to the point where the people that violate the law (i.e. the criminal) has somehow become the victim. Grant it, in this case it's a pretty minor issue, but none the less we are talking about defending the people trespassing and villainizing the property owner that wants them off his property and wants to know how they gained access to his property. How did we get to the point were the guy minding his own business fishing with his family/friends on property they purchased and maintained (seemingly in the middle of nowhere) isn't allowed to be irate when people stroll up to them while trespassing?
  5. If you're floating in the water you're legal. If you're wading you're not, that's how Barclay charges trespass fees on the Salmon river.
  6. Actually that was proven not to be the case on the salmon river in Pulaski. Barclay owned the property around the river and won in court that anglers could not walk the river without paying him trespass fee. Guides and anglers can drift boats through, but they cannot anchor.
  7. I'm sure it'll help their property values right out... Oh and another "great" part about the solar fields is all the property they sit on is now tax exempt, since it's being used for "green" renewable energy. So not only will it devalue your adjacent property, you now get to pick up the tax burden on top...
  8. IDK, but the ones around me you can sit right at the base of them and hunt if you want. They've been here for 23 years.
  9. How about just because it's fenced in, forcing all the wildlife off the property onto adjoining farms where their crops get decimated. Or how about because it takes up 1200 acres rather than the 1 acre a windmill takes. How about you have 1200 acre of junk solar panels to get rid of when they are done with them and abandoned them. Just a few things, I could keep going. The problem with all renewable energy sources minus maybe hydro is they are not energy dense enough to be truly viable at this point.
  10. In addition to the windmills, they will follow with solar. The reason I know this is because I live in an area with windmills and now the big push is to put up a 1200 acre solar farm. Once they get the area zoned for commercial energy it's game over, and the solar is much more detrimental to the wildlife and and surrounding area than the windmills ever were.
  11. Am I missing something? Ultra Series Hang On Combo | VANISH + 4 STICKS - Xtreme Outdoor Products (xopoutdoors.com)
  12. Unknown pic looks to thick to be a fox to me. Also the hair doesn't look right. My guess would be a bobcat, by the thickness and stature.
  13. A couple of other good options for low light hunting rifles are the trijicon and Meopta rifle scopes. Both offer great glass for the price point.
  14. You can actually see better through a quality optic at the proper magnification during low light than with your naked eye because of the magnification. It's even better to use quality binoculars because you are using both eyes and two objective lenses.
  15. The vx5 hd's are nice scopes. I don't have the exact one you are referring to, but have two 3-15x44 and a 3-15x56. I also have an older 4.5-14x50 vx3LR that I feel is every bit as good. While somewhat true the larger objective will only help you so much. What the larger objective does do is give you the same light transmission at a higher power. High quality glass is the most important thing with light transmission, so that should be your first consideration. While most believe that the best a human eye can use is an exit pupil of 8 (objective/magnification) that is not always the case as some people (myself included) have larger than 8mm pupils (learned that while getting lasik eye surgery). The best advice I can give is to look through them with your own eyes, preferably in a low light situation.
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