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  1. The problem is you can create any type of social media platform you want, but if google and apple refuse to include it in their app stores you can't get it out to the people and that is what's happening.
  2. That's a very good message, hopefully we can ALL take something away from that and work as one to better our country.
  3. Not sure how discussing European auto safety standards has anything to do with Trump, but whatever I don't need to talk to incompetent's like you anyway.
  4. I'm sorry but you're just a moron, you contribute nothing to any conversation I've ever seen you post in on this forum. Look it up, the cars don't meet US safety standards.
  5. You also have to remember that Europe is a much smaller place overall, much of Europe is the size of just New England... Europeans don't need to travel as far to get to work, shop ect. I'm all for fuel efficient vehicles, but the US model is much different than the European one, and I also believe that most of the fuel efficient vehicles in Europe would not pass safety standards in the US.
  6. I'm not the one that's out of touch with reality here...
  7. Another question for you, what side would you have been on during the Boston tea party? Would you be siding with our founding fathers or would you have been supporting the crown? We're getting pretty close to back to those times, all be it a bit different but not really in principal. Ever heard of taxation without representation? Do you really think any of the elected officials (on either side) give a shit about you or I? Do you really believe they care about what's important to us? I have a hard time believing they really do...
  8. What I'm saying is there are legitimate questions about constitutional policies that were not followed in many of the questioned states during the last election and nobody seems to want to even entertain investigating them. More time is spent reviewing a play on a football field than has been spent on investigating these actions and you're okay with it. Why is it okay to extend the voter registration deadline past what's stated in the law? Why is it okay to extend the receipt date of mail in ballots past what is stated in the law? Why is it okay to count ballots that are unsigned when it's stated in the law that they must be signed? These are all legitimate questions. I'm not saying it is right o break into the building and cause damage and am not condoning that. On the other side you have members of government sitting around thinking they are untouchable, that they can say or do anything that they want and there are no consequences to there actions, but the problem is there are consequences to any action. Why are people on the left so against having to show state or federal issued photo ID to vote? You have to do that to buy a 6 pack of beer for christ sake... As far as you not worried about your muzzleloader being taken, it has nothing to do with guns and has everything to do with upholding your constitutional rights, what other rights are you willing to give up?
  9. I have to ask, at what point would you be willing to stand up for your rights? You're saying that someone that believes their rights are likely to be infringed upon due to the changing of the guard (based on policies that the incoming leadership has documented) and you call them a psycho, and fear monger... But at what point would you be willing to stand up for yourself? When they come to get them? Or would you just hand them over and believe it's for your own good? At that point it's to late my friend... Just curious
  10. The middle statement I quoted previously kidda says it all...
  11. Here in lies the problem, by making the statement that you just made you are promoting and supporting a hierarchy of citizenship. You're saying that elected members of congress ( a position that used to be a service position for your country, not a career) are more important than the "common" citizen. This is the real issue for both sides, no one should be held to higher "value" than another. With you being "okay" with leftist protestors/rioters destroying businesses, homes, monuments, state and federal infrastructure, but now saying its an issue since it's protestors/rioters on the right shows your hypocrisy.
  12. I'll get it from Luke at Arrowhead rifles. He's a great resource and a great guy to deal with.
  13. I started with a Remington 700 ml and did an Arrowhead conversion myself using one of their Brux prefits with a radial break, triggertech trigger and HS precision stock. I topped it with a 20 MOA murphy rail, Leupold precision rings and a 4.5-14x50 VX-3L with M1 turrets. 74 grains of H4198 and a 275 grain Parker bullet at 2950 FPS, it shoots outstanding and is a lot of fun to shoot. I'm going to convert my Encore this year for my father to use next fall as well.
  14. On my smokeless muzzleloader it recommended by the breech plug manufacturer to use teflon tape with a dab of lube, that's what I do and have no issues with sticking or cleanup.
  15. Larry, The 6 number that was shown above is for down south. I think we are both aware that you can only shoot 2 here. Thank you though.