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  1. Evercalm is like anything else, it's not perfect, it doesn't make you undetectable. However, the stuff does help, I use it on my boots for the walk in and place some when I arrive. I have to say I feel it gives you a bit of an edge over not using it. One stick should last the average hunter most of the season, so in the big picture the price isn't to bad.
  2. It's the same deer, both have brows, you just need to look close at the night photo. The appeared difference in tine length is due to the angle the head is in with the two photos.
  3. As a person who's wife is a public school teacher for 17 year I can guarantee you that is not the norm. This may be common salaries in downstate where the cost of living is through the roof, but in the remainder of the state it is not the case. I would wager a bet that the average teacher salary across the state is closer to the 50-60k range which in not a lot of money when you are required to have a masters degree to teach in the state. My wife came from a working class family, went to SUNY schools, worked all through college, didn't go on fancy vacations, has worked two jobs ever since and is still in student loan debt. I completely see both sides of this issue and don't feel that blanket loan forgiveness is going to do a thing for the issue. This nation will be in the same spot in 5 years that we are today, because this forgiveness does nothing to fix the problem. All this will do is perpetuate inflation even more by injecting more money into the economy. I think others on here have had some good ideas about reducing interest rates or other options that are a potential viable solution for the ones that have current debt. In addition, I feel something needs to be done to address the extreme rise in cost for college education to actually address the root cause of the issue. I don't feel that it is appropriate that people that go into a public service or other meaningful careers, using state schools should be put in the situation they are in with the pay that is available to them. The fact is we NEED go teachers, nurses, etc., and many of these people are the ones getting hurt by the current situation that exists in higher education.
  4. My guess assuming two 8'x8' overhead doors in one wall would be $9200 for just foaming the walls. Last I checked it was about $1.50 per board foot. This price is assuming 3" in the walls. In addition, you would need to put blown in fiberglass in the ceiling. Side note, if you do spray foam the walls I would recommend putting up house wrap or some kind of adhesion barrier between the steel siding and the foam, cause if you ever need to replace a damaged wall panel you can without major issues. Another point to think about is that by code you will need to cover the insulation after its installed with either sheetrock or liner panel.
  5. I agree with others, back in my younger years I took a fall on November 4th tearing my ACL, MCL, PCL, and meniscus in my knee. Two surgeries later, crutches, an ATV, and some determination and I was back out for the first week of gun season. You can do it, and knee replacement surgery has come a long way.
  6. I'd be willing to bet that old stump is in Ohio, where they are allowed to like old stumps...
  7. Anywho, if you've never made home fries from them you all should give it a shot you won't regret it.
  8. My favorite home fries are from leftover salt potatoes!
  9. It's actually 8%. 321/(3647+321)=0.080
  10. The real answer to getting people and the market to buy into more green options is hybrid. Currently there are a bunch of different options out there that have been successful. I'm not sure why there isn't a bigger push to get more hybrid options out on the highway rather than the push for full electric. As has already been stated, the lack of tax revenue from fuel sales is going to be another big issue and no one is talking about that. Wait until it cost you $1500 to get your car inspected due to being taxed by the mile. Also, as demand increases for electricity, what do you think will happen to the price of it? Now your home costs are also going through the roof. Things are not looking good heading down the path government is taking.
  11. How about we actually get this state to manage the larges park in the country ( the Daks) so that a healthy population of whitetails ( and other wildlife for that matter) can actually be supported by it? So many people complain about "needing" access to private property when the larges piece of public land in the nation is in this state and is so underutilized because the state refuses to properly manage it. This would actually help spread out some of the hunting community and provide more opportunity for all in the state.
  12. Agreed, In addition, NY needs to put some real teeth in poaching and trespassing violations. What is currently done is a joke and the criminals know it.
  13. I don't think this is a true assumption. The reason I say that is that a local indian nation purchased a bunch of property not far from me. They have high fenced it and created a hunting preserve. As part of it they partitioned off the property and in half of it they just allowed the native deer to grow to maturity and they are doing put and take in the other half. This operation has been in play for about 5 years. A friend of mine butchers all the deer taken on the property, and two bucks taken from the natural deer herd side of the property scored over 180", with multiple others in the 150-160" range. So my point is that I think we have all the things we need except age.
  14. G-man, I understand your point however I think the real outlier here is Wisconsin. Wisconsin has similar hunter numbers per square mile as New York (12 vs. 13) yet has the most Boone and Crocket entries of any state. What are they doing different? Is is purely the terrain? The minerals? A combination of all?
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