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  1. Just go and buy a Vacmaster VP215 and be done with it. You will never want to use a non-chamber type ever again. They seal so much better, you can buy premade bags for a fraction of the cost, it has an oil filled pump that will last forever. I went that way a few years back and have never regretted it. The only time I use a regular type sealer is when I travel down south fishing and that's due to portability.
  2. I fly to Florida several times a year sport fishing in the keys. It's not uncommon for me to bring back 100# of frozen fish fillets at a time. I have a friend that lives in the keys so I am able to leave a vacuum sealer down there year around and use it as needed. What I do is vacuum seal the fish and freeze it. I have two RTIC brand soft sided coolers (https://www.rticcoolers.com/shop/coolers/softpak/Soft-Pack-40-Grey) I also have one of their backpack coolers (https://www.rticcoolers.com/shop/coolers/back-pack/Back-Pack-Cooler-Blue-Grey) . I pack the frozen fish and 5# or under of dry ice in each cooler and check the cooler as normal luggage. This system works out very well and everything is still frozen rock hard when I get home. You can have 5# of dry ice per bag without issues with the airline. One thing to remember with the dry ice is to leave a zipper on the cooler slightly cracked open as they are very tight sealing and will actually start to blow up from the dry ice if you don't. You can fit about 50-55# of fillets in each of the soft side 40 coolers and about 40# in the backpack cooler.
  3. The biggest issue with 16 gauge would be ammo availability (in steel or non-toxic) and ammo cost. .410, 28, 16 are much more expensive to shoot (like almost double the cost) since they only run limited runs of shells.
  4. I currently have three of the spypoint Link-Dark models out running and haven't had a seconds trouble with any of them. I am using two of them for security purposes and shocked at how well they actually work.
  5. Biz you would be shocked how brazen people are when it comes to big deer. They will trespass, jack at night, do whatever it takes once they know where one is. As far as finding were it is, it the internet age you can figure out who a person is from profiles and then search out tax maps and things to find them. This stuff happens all the time.
  6. This wasn't even the scope, it was just the mount!
  7. I'm not really sure where to put this discussion, but figured this was a good as any and wanted to get the work out. So I had some optics laying around that I didn't really need anymore an figured I would sell them to fund other items that I would get more use out of. Long story short, I put an ad on Ebay selling a vortex one piece offset scope mount, the type that hooks to a picatinny rail. I had this on one of my crossbows to get a little more eye relief. Anyway, had the ad up for 5-6 days and had many bids on it and then get an email from Ebay that the ad is canceled and has been removed! Look further into this and it is stated that since the item could "possibly" be used on an assault rifle that it violates their policy and that is why it has been removed! I beyond annoyed... so i called the assistance line and got into a true pi$$ing match with a lady on the phone over this. I asked her if they will be removing all scope rings, optics, ect. since all of them could "possibly" be used on an assault rifle, didn't get much of a response on that... Needless to say, I will not be doing any more business with fleebay and hopefully this word gets out to a few more and they will do the same.
  8. You have to turn the ticket in in the state it was purchased and pay the tax due for that state. The reason I know this is last spring when the powerball was big, I was in Florida on vacation and bought some tickets. When I got home and checked I had won a decent amount of money. I ended up taking another trip down later in the year to fish and turned my ticket in.
  9. Same load basically that I'm shooting. You're not running that out of an Omega conversion are you? What action, Remington 700 CF, 700 ML, or large shank savage? What ignition are you using? I'm still using 209, it works just fine for me and is simple. I know the trend lately is to use LMRP module ignition systems. Just curious.
  10. I agree, I would skip the sabots they are nothing but trouble with smokeless pressures. Honestly for what you are trying to do smooth forming would be my suggestion. It's very easy to size them and loading is a breeze as well. I'm shooting a 275 grain Parker just over 3000 FPS. I could push it harder, but there's really no need. This load is a little over 5000 ft-# of energy at the muzzle and the ballistics are really great.
  11. I built one using a Remington 700 ML action a few years back. It has a Brux barrel and radial brake on it. It's on the heavy side, but is one of the best shooting firearms I own. I think next time I would skip the break, as it's a pain to load through and the noise is awful... I used Luke at Arrowhead sporting goods for my barrel and other parts and he was great to work with. What are your plans for bullets? Are you planning on still using sabots, or are you going to smooth form or full form your bullets?
  12. I think the points made about corn being bad for deer are valid in the Adirondack areas and southern Catskills, in central and western NY where it is primarily ag country it's a moot point as it's part of their regular diet.
  13. I feel this should be covered by what is called a habitat stamp (in many states). This habitat stamp would be part of your regular purchase of a hunting license. What this would do is require others that use public property to help fund it by requiring they have a habitat stamp. As it is, the majority of the money that is used to fund public property is funded by hunting license sales, however there are many people using public property without a hunting license (ie. hikers, skiers, bicyclers ect.). I'm not saying they shouldn't be using public property for these activities, I just feel they should be helping to fund it like the hunters are. As far as the other part of the conversation about adjusting deer hunting regulations. I feel if they changed to a 1 buck limit without attaching it to any implement, along with reducing the length of firearms season (maybe a split season) and moving it out of the rut, then you would see some gains in age structure of whitetail buck. Just my $.02
  14. Bottle of soy sauce Cup of veg. oil Minced garlic Cup of sugar sesame seeds Horseradish Minced red onion Mix well, put in ziplock bag in fridge for a day.