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  1. Rack Attack

    Barnett's Customer Service SUCKS !

    I'm not sure how it's possible that tightening the bolt retainer can cause the end of the bolt to tip up? The bolt should be flat on the flight deck and no amount of pressure should cause the arrow to lift off the flight deck unless the flight deck is bowed up in the middle or there is an obstruction in the fletch channel.
  2. Rack Attack

    Winchester Model 70 7mmwsm

    PM Sent.
  3. Rack Attack

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Ray's is great, go there quite often! Don't be afraid of the smoked meatloaf...
  4. Rack Attack

    What's for dinner tonight?

    A little venison backstrap, with pablano pepper, portabello mushrooms, and some grilled squash. Pretty tasty.
  5. Rack Attack

    Building a long range rifle

    300 WM is a good caliber selection, as there has been a ton of development with it and ammo is easily available for it. You kind of need to figure out what bullet weight you plan on shooting (more than likely on the heavy/long side for the good BC) that will determine your barrel twist rate. There are online calculators available for this (Berger bullets has one) or you can talk to a gunsmith that can help you. I'm not certain how recoil sensitive you are, but that needs to be taken into account and if you are, maybe have a break installed. The caution I would give with a break on a hunting rifle is NOISE, hearing protection is a must... Spend a little money and put a good trigger in the rifle, they are worth their weight in gold. At the ranges you a looking at, you are probably best off to get an optic that has the ability to dial elevation and have a round specific turret cut for it once you settle on a round to shoot out of it. There is tons more info out there, but that should get you started. Also, maybe look at the site longrangehunting.com, tons of info over there.
  6. Rack Attack

    Let’s talk coolers

    I really like the RTIC coolers. I have several different models including their bag type and they are all great.
  7. Rack Attack

    Christensen Mesa 308

    I'm interested in this. Do you have all the paperwork from Christensen, thread protector for taking the brake off? Also, what MM objective is the scope? Thanks
  8. Rack Attack

    Bachleor party ideas

    I vote for ship strippers into Vernon national for after the round of clays. This way you can show up to the rusty rooster tipsy, covered in glitter, smelling like gun powder and cotton candy... Oh yeah, and maybe one of the strippers can be dressed as a doctor to try and help your buddy find his balls.
  9. Rack Attack

    Great first safari

    Great pictures, I can't wait for my first trip to Africa. I booked this winter for the summer of 2020, and it can't get here soon enough.
  10. Correct, it's a Kudu
  11. Rack Attack

    Decline in hunters and paying for conservation

    So obviously you have never been out west and gone to any of our national parks, cause you have to pay to enter all of them... People getting the resources for free doesn't sustain the resources. We as hunters have been paying forever for conservation, now it's time for the rest of the users to pay their share.
  12. Rack Attack

    Decline in hunters and paying for conservation

    Nope, Every place I have ever been to that had a conservation stamp it was part of the hunting license purchase. Once you have a hunting license you are exempt from having to pay any more. The whole point of it is to get those that are using resources to pay for them like the hunters do.
  13. Rack Attack

    Decline in hunters and paying for conservation

    I was more referring to the trail systems I see more in the central NY area. But even as you stated, they are still dropping off materials and such that all costs money. I belong to several snowmobile clubs and we would love for the state to drop off free materials for us volunteers to build the trails. that are making them money. My point is, that they are getting access to these land for only "potentially" paying state taxes, while hunters are paying extra fees to use the same lands on top of "potentially" paying state taxes. The bottom line, is that everyone that is using the system, needs to pay their share one way or the other.
  14. Rack Attack

    Decline in hunters and paying for conservation

    As far as our state goes, I feel that you should be required to by a conservation license (land use stamp) like is done in many other states. This would help subsidize the conservation fund due to lesser funds from hunting licenses. I have always felt that the hunters have gotten the shaft in regard to ROI with state land use. The hunters buy all kinds of licenses and pay all kinds of fees and the state seems to invest that money into building cross country skiing trails or hiking trails for the folks that don't pay anything for them.