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  1. The weight of the bullet will not really effect how it expands, expansion has much more to do with how the bullet is constructed. An example would comparing a 180 grain nosler partition to a 180 grain nosler ballistic tip, both are 180 grain, but the ballistic tip will expand much more than the portion. That being said, there have been a boat load of deer killed with a 180 grain core lok from a 30-06. I wouldn't overthink it.
  2. Yep, and I'm sure the majority of my neighbors will be as well. Another point to be made, the local clubs will push the trail opening back. You have to understand, clubs are totally volunteer, do you think they have the manpower to call every single landowner along all the miles of trail they have to check and see if it's okay to open the trail on a certain date? It take them all year to obtain the general permission to use the peoples land. The clubs can't take the chance that there is a land owner on each of their trails that will be upset and shut the trail off, so they will just keep them closed for another week.
  3. It just pushes it later, making the people that much more eager to ride. I know all about it, been involved with the local snowmobile clubs for 27 years. I also have trails that cross my property.
  4. The fact is, none of the snowmobile trails in the southern zone will be opened until this season is over it has nothing to do with any percentages of land.
  5. They can't dictate that to private land owners... That in itself will make the matter even worse. Trust me, if there is any form of deer season open in the area, the trails will be closed.
  6. I guess I don't get your point about it not being an issue? We already have problems with people riding early, when you push that date later in the year the problem will get worse. There is no pissing matches, the trails for the most part go across private land, when the people ride early, the land owner shuts the trail down and then it becomes the problem of the local clubs to try and reroute the trail around the land owner, in some cases this can't be done. Either way it's a problem.
  7. You're correct, however the snowmobile trails will not be allowed to open until all deer hunting seasons have ended in the zone so it doesn't really matter how many lands are crossed or not by a trail. As I have stated earlier in the thread, the biggest single issue with loosing trail access is people riding the trails prior to the end of the hunting season, and this will just make that problem worse with people chomping at the bit to get our and ride.
  8. That's my point, the high numbers being shown are for ALL hunting and fishing in the state, not deer hunting.
  9. Sorry, something about your numbers doesn't add up. Using your numbers, you are saying that hunters spend 1.9 billion dollars per year on trip expenses only, using the highest end of your number of deer hunters at 750,000 you are saying that every single hunter spends $2533 per year on just trip expenses to deer hunt? Sorry, don't buy it...
  10. we are/were talking about who has a bigger voice in NYS, so snowmobilers in the northern zone do matter. In the southern zone snowmobilers riding before season is over is already a HUGE problem, and this proposal will make that problem worse.
  11. I get what you're are saying to some extent, and don't get me wrong I'm into both hunting and snowmobiling deeper than i would bet 95% of the people on this board. I would say if you looked at tug hill 80% of the camp revenue comes from snowmobilers compared to 20% hunters. Are hunters burning 12-20 gallons of gas through their ATV per day of use, like a snowmobile? I've also got the top of the line bow going, and how often are you replacing that? I don't see the average hunter spending anywhere near what a snowmobiler does per day if you figure it out. Hell the expendable cash per day of riding averages out about $150, that's just food and gas.
  12. You don't think that snowmobilers are buying camps in the area just to ride? How about the licenses fees we pay, of the highway tax we pay on fuel that never sees a highway, or the trailer purchases and registrations. Let alone the $15,000 snowmobile that was bought, or the $1200-1500 suit and helmet. Snowmobiling is a crazy expensive sport for what you get, but it's like nothing else when you're doing it.
  13. 100%, and the real problem around my area are snowmobilers riding before the trails are open and having trails shut down because the land owner is angry and I don't blame the land owner for being angry.
  14. And let's see how those overall numbers equate to NYS... You are also lumping all forms of "hunting" into the hunting numbers, not just deer hunting that we are talking about. I guess I'm a bit sensitive to this since I'm both an avid hunter as well as an avid snowmobiler. What does each dollar figure include? are property taxes included into the hunting number? If so, I'd say that's a bit of an unfair advantage... When you say hunting trip expenses, are you including guided hunts to other destinations of the US (I bet it is included), so what does that have to do with extending late deer season in NY? What I'm getting at is if you look at just NYS, I'm willing to bet that the snowmobiling industry outpaces the deer hunting industry by a fair margin. And like has been stated before in this thread the season isn't long enough (10/1-12-22)?
  15. This proposal is still going to effect snowmobile riders. 95% of the trails in the southern tier are on private land, and if a form of deer season is open, they will not allow snowmobiling.