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  1. Empire Park is Town of Webster. They thought about adding it to the Bow Hunting Program but did not add it yet, so no hunting there that I know of. Core posted info on bow hunting 1000 Acre Swamp.
  2. So of course I just got this years harvest numbers. 11 deer at Whiting Rd 8 deer at Gosnell 1 deer at Four Mile Creek 0 at Finn 12 of the DMAPs from DEC where filled. Based on the amount of non-hunting users in the parks during allowed hunting times those numbers aren't too bad. IMO.
  3. Program is still going strong but for Town of Webster residents only. Mailing address and schools don't count. Program is 7 days a week morning and afternoon hunting times offered. Not sure how many deer were taken this year but usually take around 15 give or take. It is a good opportunity for hunting close to home. 104 makes a nice wall and all hunting is on the better north side.
  4. Have a model like that but this is much better....provides easier movement and much more comfy
  5. Not this year yet but have in years past. Have friend own land just east and took a nice 8 and 10 pt opening day.
  6. Yes...that is about right. Those are both County Route # or at least the 37 is. It is just north of Honeoye.
  7. The beauty of the lone wolf stand. Bow goes in the built in holder.
  8. 0...if gun only...wouldnt have...xbow
  9. Don't sweat it. I hunt public parks in my town. People biking, walking dogs, talking up a storm. If people are there all the time the deer are use to them and don't care becuase they never leave the trails.
  10. Maybe a silicone based product? Not sure. Can't remember mine making a sound so that's why I thought a loose bolt. Not many part that should be moving to make a sound. Is it coming from the cam or the belt in the tube?
  11. Platform angle will come with experience. If you set in the same tree you will/may remember a good starting angle. The more you use it the easier it will become. Never compromise safety.
  12. Never thought I would see this on a hunting forum.
  13. I have a Japanese 8" chef knife. Sharpest knife I ever had. Even though it is dull and I need to have it sharpened it is still better then the German knives in my draw. Anyone know a good place to get a Japanese chef knife sharpened?
  14. Are all the bolts snug that are supposed to be? Havent heard anything strange from mine butbi know some of the bolts loosen slightly ever now and then.
  15. I had an api grand slam years back (2005ish). It was bulky, heavy and I didn't care for the way the coated chain held against the tree. Also the quest has a very small foot platform, special compare to lone wolf(not sure about summit). Doesn't leave a lot of room to move around. Good luck.