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  1. I was there,Great show....whole lot of big big bucks this year!!
  2. Guess I'll be looking after this happened today!!
  3. I just use a set of Jersey type gloves and a hand warmer when it gets colder.I use them all year.If it get cold enough I have a hand warming muff.My hands don't get cold anymore and when I wore "good" gloves my hands would freeze!!!
  4. Started off missing a monster bird on the second day of season and figured thats how my season was going....Well on the first sunday I drilled this double bearded tom (20lb 3/4 spurs and a 9 inch and 7 inch beard)when he followed 3 hens to his death!!!Then the next sunday I got this nice tom(19 pounds 8 inch beard and 1 inch spurs) in front of my nephew.Then last friday I punched my final tag with a real big bird (22 pounds 1 1/8 spurs and a 10.5 beard) The first hunt was one of my best days ever spring hunting with all the action as I had 2 toms within range and one hen that was 3 foot to the right of me when I pulled the trigger.Reeds bird was a great day also as the fog that rolled in let us close the distance and I was able to teach him when you get a chance you better do your best to capitalize on it.We snuck up to the field he was roosted next to and was able to get set up without him or his harem seeing us.Half hour later he was flooping on the ground!! The last hunt was a real fun one also because I hunted till 8 without a gobble or a sight of a bird even a hen.I was on my way to work when I drove past a field I have permission to hunt and saw the tom and 2 hens on the edge,so I snuck down the backside and got on the edge of the field.As I closed the gap I saw a hens head in the field.She didn't spoke but I was somewhat in the open and standing.The other hen then ran her off and from what I can tell the tom had no clue where they went because he started gobbling his head off.One call on my diaphram and he was in route.....with me still standing.He made it to 50 yard and strutted for a few mins, then he walked into the woods to try and get behind me but because I was standing I was able to get in position.When he closed the distance to 30 yards 2oz's of shot ended his walk.I am heading out this weekend to see if I can get reed to punch his last tag...be safe and good luck y'all!!
  5. Yeah I plan on shooting normal 35 whelen for a while till I have time to get my reloading bench back where it should be.Been out of the game for a while when it comes to reloading
  6. Yeah I wasn't looking for a Ackley Improved gun at all as Ill never "use" it but I figure hey I can't go wrong either.I was looking at AI dies for it and holy shizz they are way more money!!
  7. Ive loved all my ruger rifles.We will find out in a few weeks once I get some free time to get to the range
  8. Saw it advertised in PA and Ive always wanted a 35 Whelen,after some research and finding out I can shoot 35 Whelen from it I figured why not.Its a Ruger 77 tang safety,trigger is fairly light(almost too light) but very crisp.Came with over 200 loaded rounds of Ackley Improved ammo but Ill more than likely pull them all apart and reload them once I get my old die set back in operation.Planning on a vortex/leopold 2-7.Well whats everyone think?
  9. My 760 like 150 fusions and 180 corelocts
  10. Only year I didn't use it on my clothes and I had ticks all over me this year....also my worst season ever for seeing deer so.I usually see lots of deer every year and Ive used it for 3-4 years spring turkey and fall deer!!!
  11. This is 100% on the button,I run part of a small shop here in Fulton and when we hire for the most part we want someone who hasn't been trained,in the same breath I find it next to impossible to hire someone who has experience that's worth hiring.Id say get some CNC experience and take notes on what to do
  12. Does this have the dial?If not can it be put on as a accessory?
  13. Remington green box 150's and also the federal fusions shoot good.
  14. The only weather I won't hunt is heavy downpours,Wind rain/light rain,snow bring it on.They live in it and its like any other day to them.Heavy bad weather is a different story but if its just ho-hum types of weather its nothing to them.I don't have the luxury to hunt when I want so I can't afford to skip days.One of my biggest came from when the winds where so strong I got down from the tree because I was scared and sat on the ground in my climber.A half hour later he strolled in and meet the business end of my 12 gauge!
  15. I have a older but still in great shape viper seat id sell,I just replaced it with a hazmore net seat
  16. I have a viper that I love but my next one will be the summit 180.My friend has one and Ive used it....awesome!!! Big enough for any person,spacious and you can turn to face the tree during rifle season to use the tree as a rest
  17. That's the next new sensation....Double Bull Pumpkin blind.I can see it now!!!!
  18. I have a hoyt Carbon Spyder and want one of the CJ sights like you have.I heard they won't fit but want to find one close to see soon.
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