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  1. Hey Everyone, Long time hunter here (30 + yrs). I started out hunting with my dad and uncle in Claverack. We had a great piece that a family member lived adjacent to and had permission to hunt. Later on started hunting in the Prattsville area with my uncle. I never really had luck tagging anything to speak of there. I was never really a trophy hunter and we would see so few deer in the Catskills that we pulled the trigger on the first one that came along...almost always does. I moved to NJ in 1992 and took a break for a few years after a divorce...had other priorities. NJ has proven to have plenty of deer with liberal limits...actually they allow too many deer to be harvested....6 bucks and unlimited does! I've taken a few bucks here mostly with bow. I now hunt in Ohio on a lease with a few guys. After 30+ yrs I finally shot a decent buck last season. Not a trophy by Ohio standards but my best buck. I hunted hard all this season with the bow...put in about 25 days, saw alot of quality deer but none in range. Heading out this weekend for one last hurrah with the shotgun. I hunted one weekend in Prattsville this season and saw nothing at all. I'm hoping to hunt more again in NY...maybe try a different county further west. I hunt the Catskils as more of a tradition with my uncle and never really expect to see much. Maybe I'm doing something wrong! I look forward to getting to talk to you all and hearing your stories of success! Sal
  2. is your camp still available? please let me know...Sal

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