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  1. Everything that Stone says is right on! I've only been in Ny for 2 years and i'm 2 for 2 on state land. One thing I've learned about most NY hunters is they don't like to climb mountains! Try to get to the mountain before anyone else and climb climb climb. Study topo maps and try to find the most secluded area that you can get to and let the people push the deer to you. You'll be successful.
  2. awesome late season buck! congrats!!
  3. Ryan, got to the trail at 4:45 and be up top of a mnt by 6am and be ready to shoot. like Loworange88 said have the lazy orange army push them too you. tons of deer on public land.
  4. Newbie you have to go in deep, all I hunt is public. Only saw 1 guy yesterday and saw 2 buck. Took a 5pt at 8am. Go farther than everyone else and you'll be fine
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