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  1. solon

    The ATVers are back

    have to get one arrested, then word will spread
  2. solon

    Dutchess County Poacher

    it's all about perspective...just moved out of NYS (the land of taxation). Living in Maryland and feeding deer on private property is 100% legal
  3. solon

    AR's suck

    the number of people that participate in hunting is in a huge decline. Many articles have been written on the topic and discuss what could be done to stop this decline. Non-scientific survey's have shown one reason hunters are dropping out is due to AR's - why go in the woods if the government won't let you shoot a deer ? Something to consider.....
  4. solon


    i've been to Newfoundland twice and was successful both times. both times got a bull and both had about a 36 inch spread. Like pygmy said, smaller than Alaska but still 800 lb animals. I drove my truck - long haul but i was able to bring the meat back with me in coolers packed with ice. If you fly add in the cost of someone cutting the meat and shipping it. use a 270 bring rubber boots - lots of rain and bogs Two of the best hunting experiences of my life...would do it again if i had the $$$ this is the place i went to
  5. solon

    Not feeling the blood lust.

    after hunting for 30+ years that is what is happening to me. can't wait to get into the woods, but the thrill of the kill is fading...
  6. solon

    Deer heart

    i have a few times - just sliced it and fried quickly in a pan - tasted great
  7. solon


    awesome !
  8. embrace the idea they are there to stay - i have a large pond, with two beaver huts. A few years ago,the 10 ft dam broke and they rebuilt within the year. The plastic pipe will not work. g-man suggested a DEC permit to kill - very low probability of getting that. I talked to the DEC once about that - they very politely told me to go f*** myself
  9. solon


    my neighbor used to raise and release pheasant - coyotes got most and they would scare the heck out of me as i would walk to my stands in the fall
  10. solon

    Mule deer

    1 guy in our group got a muley in Colorado a few years back - it tasted great.
  11. solon

    How to make a pond...

    dig a hole and then bring in some beavers....i'm extremely lucky - have property with a large pond and a ton of beavers. A couple of years ago the 15 ft dam broke and lost 1/2 of pond (6 acre pond)...within 1 year beavers had it built back to what it was...amazing creatures..
  12. solon

    Need advice on protecting my cabin

    you have to put in time there. i have camp in a somewhat rural area. -As others mentioned get to know the neighbors. -Join the local gun club(if there is one) - i did that and now when i go there they remember me -Go to local diners for breakfast - talk to people, after a few times people started to recognize me and say " hey your that guy that owns....." talk talk talk - technology like cameras can't solve everything
  13. solon

    Rifle Caliber- Which would you choose?

    i never saw rain like i did when i went to Newfoundland- had to dry my clothes out almost every day
  14. solon

    Rifle Caliber- Which would you choose?

    everyone wants larger caliber - IMO keep it simple and pick what you can shoot comfortably. I've shot Elk and Moose (Newfoundland) with a 270 and they didn't run far
  15. solon

    My Newfoundland Moose hunt!

    congratulations - i went to Newfoundland back in 2005 - best hunting trip of my life