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  1. Oldebona

    Best sabots for the Savage 220

    I use the 3" Remington Accutips in my 20 guage Savage. Have had great success with very little meat loss
  2. Oldebona

    Do You Vote? Are You Registered?

    Never miss. If I am going to be out of town I utilize an absentee ballot.
  3. We overseeded some of our plots with it 10 days ago. It has germinated and looks good. I always overseed my veg. garden with it in late October and it germinates nicely.
  4. Oldebona

    After season trail camera pictures

    I leave mine out all winter. After MZ season ends I place close to bedding areas. Also leave one on a centrally located food plot.
  5. Oldebona

    Bobcat range

    We have seen them in Allegany County
  6. Oldebona

    Big Bucks Down (Double )

    Fantastic bucks. Congratulations to you both
  7. Oldebona

    October storm: 10 years later

    With all the trees breaking it sounded like opening day of gun season all night long. We lost about 30 trees initally with another 25 or so dying from the damage as the years went on. No power for 9 days, wood-stove and back up sump-pump got us through fine. Looking back, my kids were young and we all stayed home, played board games and enjoyed the time together.
  8. Oldebona

    RIP Arnold Palmer

    I hate to see that era end.
  9. Oldebona

    2015 Rut Report

    They are still nocturnal in 9Y. Scrapes are being worked pretty hard at night.
  10. Oldebona

    Once a spike always a spike article

    Great story. His photography is outstanding.
  11. Oldebona

    Polar vortex?

    The weather folks are unable to predict the weather a day in advance, so I don't have much confidence in the vortex prediction.
  12. Oldebona

    brush hog

    I rent a self-propelled brush mower every fall from the rental place on Main St directly across from Clarence High School. Works wonderfully.
  13. Oldebona

    Always a bit amazed...

    I hunt in 9Y. On opening day we heard more shots before and after legal shooting hours than during the course of the day. My area obviously has a fair number of ethically challenged individuals making this choice.