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  1. This morning is dead except for the squirrels. This mornings coffee is making a turn on the off ramp that I’m not sure how much longer I can pinch the cheeks. Might need an emergency drop off of tp
  2. Kicked up 3 does walking in. Got to a nice ground cover spot and squirrels are making me constantly turn around over and over. Hopefully something good comes around. Good luck to y’all sitting today.
  3. In the stand since 6. 4 does being chased around. She wanted to be safe since she knows I want the buck chasing her.
  4. I tried to bribe the local Italian deli to deliver a sandwich to the rock wall on the property but they didn’t take the deal. I even used the line “ I got an offer you can’t refuse”.
  5. Called it day, my hunger over came my desire to keep sitting. Saw 3 deer nothing in close enough.
  6. My view this morning. First morning sit. Figured I’d take a break from grading essays and tests. On my way in I kicked up 2 little does. Hoping something will come my way