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  1. FatBoyD

    Air drop rabies vaccines

  2. FatBoyD

    Broad head of choice?

    I'm going back to fixed this year, going to see how the Magnus Black Hornet Ser-Razors fly this weekend.
  3. FatBoyD

    Treestand types

    We moved away from climbers and hang-ons 6 years ago and went to ladders. We love them. I used a blind for the first time last year and it was awesome once the snow and cold hit. Saying that, I picked up a new Summit Titan earlier this year and am planning on using that this year too.
  4. FatBoyD

    Genesee County CWD?

    probably the property owners tractor...
  5. FatBoyD

    Glory Lighted Nock

    I carry a field tip in my pocket, works as well as the tool in my opinion. PITA even with the tool. Still my favorite nock though.
  6. FatBoyD

    Looking for a new Pickup

    Definitely a crew cab with kids. I wouldn't get too wrapped up in the "these are better than those" discussions with a lease. If you are leasing they are all good options, you will be out of it in 3 years anyway and it will be under warranty. Go look at all of them and see what fits you best and see who will work the best deal with you. I've had a few different trucks and different brands, but haven't even looked at this year's new models so I can't comment on "what is better" for me, and that may not be better for you anyway. A couple of friends and one of my sons works for NYS's largest dealer group, they all tell me to get a Toyota or Ford for my next truck. I haven't owned either, but my next one will most likely be one of those two. I do love the new Ram HD's though!
  7. FatBoyD

    Hunting Licences on sale

    You got another tag for that $15, an antlerless only tag was the second one you purchased, you can use either of them in either bow or MZ season.
  8. FatBoyD

    Happy Birthday Lawdwaz!!!!

    Happy Birthday!
  9. FatBoyD

    The Latest Rage

    If you think that makes the building safe then you need to ask a high-schooler how they get back in after skipping a few classes.
  10. FatBoyD

    Top 10 BEST Pheasant Hunting Dogs.

    We had a Brittany about 15 years ago. Great hunter that required very little training, she was a natural in the field. She was also a very good house dog and family pet.
  11. FatBoyD

    THE HUNT-- In Theaters on September 27th.

    These people have completely lost their minds. https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/pro-trump-movie-cancelled-thanks-to-trump/
  12. FatBoyD

    Reinforcing pop up blinds

    This is a great idea.
  13. FatBoyD

    Reinforcing pop up blinds

    I guess if could be if you wanted to hunt with it installed, depends on the size of the blind too. I put it in position when I leave the blind to prevent it from caving in from heavy snow, no other reason. When I arrive at the blind I clear the snow, if any, and remove the support.
  14. FatBoyD

    Reinforcing pop up blinds

    I think you can use just about anything. I made one using a telescoping paint roller extension pole I had laying around. On the threaded end, that would go into the roller handle, I formed a ball of dental impression material over the threads and into position on the top center hub, once it hardened, it created a mould of the hub and won't slip off. It works well. By buddy uses a piece of 2x4, he drilled a 1" hole in the end of the board to fit over the hub screw. It stays in place and works perfectly.
  15. FatBoyD

    I jumped on board. Bought me a bucket hat.

    MAD BOMBER!! I have a whole collection of them, they are my favorite cold weather tree stand head gear by far.