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  1. FatBoyD

    Can dog surgery be very expensive?

    The last time I was at the vet for something other than regular visits was when my Weimaraner became ill and was vomiting for 24 hrs. $600 later They said he had the flu. Absolutely crazy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. FatBoyD

    No till plots

    OK then... back on track. Thanks for posting this! I am planning on doing a few no-till plots this year and have never done it before. Good info!
  3. FatBoyD

    Sander's Fishing Guide WNY Edition?

    I wouldn't dismiss the Sander's Guide simply because of it's age, there is a TON of good information in it. I'm pretty sure I got mine back around 1990 and I still go back to it from time to time and cross reference it with the stocking list from the DEC website.
  4. FatBoyD

    Contact Lens By Mail??

    Yes, for sure! That's the point.
  5. FatBoyD

    Contact Lens By Mail??

    What? There is no "messing around". You're buying the exact same item that your doctor sells. My doctor gave me a price on Air Optic multi-focal contacts of $400+ for a 12 month supply. She told me to order them online because that's what she was going to do... You enter your script and doctor info and they contact your Dr. to approve it. I paid $120 for Air Optic multi-focal contacts at Lens.com. That's nearly a $300 difference, every year.
  6. FatBoyD

    Contact Lens By Mail??

    I buy everything from Lens.com. Do a google search for the exact item you are looking for, most of the time the Lens.com link from that search will be cheaper than navigating within the Lens.com site itself. Don't ask me why, but it is always the case for me. I have never had an issue with them and I get the best prices for my particular contacts there. I save hundreds of dollars buying there compared to the eye doc.
  7. I have neither, maybe you do. The test videos I have seen of the new Shelby GT350R are impressive, not a supercar, but the comment was sports car... I CAN say that my Ariens 28 Deluxe SHO with Auto-turn handles GREAT on both straight lines of the driveway and curved sidewalks. I might even call it a Superblower. : )
  8. Yeah, the GT for sure! Plus the new Mustang 350R is supposed to be an insane car!
  9. FatBoyD


    You are 100% right. It is intentional for sure. And why are they always driving a Subaru?
  10. FatBoyD


    Yeah, that always cracks me up! Suddenly they are in a hurry.
  11. FatBoyD


    Interesting thread. Something happened today that made me think a lot of people who are tailgated OFTEN are most likely causing it themselves. Today on my way in to the office, some jack wagon decided HIS speed is the speed everyone will go during morning rush hour. I followed "that guy" up 190 for miles, along with countless other cars piled up behind me as far as I could see. He's in the left lane going 5 MPH faster than the right lane, his speed never changed. Clearly he had his CC set at 59mph. F'ing up the morning for thousands of commuters. I was 2nd car back and could see him clearly, but stayed my distance I was in no hurry. The guy in front of me and most behind me were clearly not happy though, I thought the guy in front of me was going to literally push this guy off the road. Even when openings were available in the right lane, he would not move over. Finally the line of traffic was able to go around him on the right. As we all filed by he was flipping people off like everyone else was the problem. I was in no hurry so I was not really bothered by it all, and actually thought it was comical that HE was pissed off, but it made me think of this thread and WHY people tailgate sometimes. If you're that guy who goes basically the same speed as the car to the right of you, and see lots of flashing headlights lights in your rear view... well, then you might be a jackass.
  12. FatBoyD

    2018 ADK Buck

    Two great bucks! Congrats.
  13. FatBoyD

    Legal Weed and Gun Owners

    That is awesome! LOL! I agree on all points, and fully support the right of gay couples to own a gun and smoke weed if they so choose! None of my damn business. As a side note, Erie county has made the CC process much easier. Micky Kearns has shortened the wait time to around 7 months! Of course you now have to make an appointment to SUBMIT your application and that wait time is now... you guessed it 7 months... You can't make this shit up. The people at the permit office are awesome though and will help you expedite the process if you call.
  14. FatBoyD

    Legal Weed and Gun Owners

    Again, only from what I heard on that broadcast... they lost their long guns as well.
  15. FatBoyD

    Legal Weed and Gun Owners

    This doesn't effect me at all. I have no interest in being high on anything, and I do not have evidence, I only chimed in because of the subject of a Buffalo radio show I heard part of. I will say that the callers sounded very sincere and were TARGETED after receiving a prescription for weed. NO, they were not "caught" with it, they were targeted. I feel like I remember this happening a few years ago with a few people who were on anti-depressants. IMHO this state will "try" to get away with whatever it can to grab guns from law abiding citizens, and that alone is enough reason to pay attention to things like this. I'm not a tin foil hat guy, but I do NOT believe politicians in this state will ignore a federal law that allows them to take your gun. If you do, that's fine, but to say it's not possible is not true. Cuomo wants the guns and if the Feds already have a law that allows him to take them he has to be grinning ear to ear. Perhaps this is one of the reasons, in his mind, to make weed legal. IDK, I really don't care personally, like I said it does not and never will effect me.