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  1. Lol actually that was my shot. He hit her back too far, she came by me all humped up. Only shot I had was head or neck. Took out carotid and wind pipe. Went about 20 yards. I told him his shot would have killed her, but we would have been tracking a loooong time.
  2. I helped my buddy bag his first deer in over a decade this past weekend. A big dry doe we had been trying to take out for a couple years.
  3. A local farmer asked me today if I would try to fill a few nuisance permits for him before monday. Problem is,I don't know the rules for them, and after and he of searching I don't find crap for info. Can anyone help or point me to the info?
  4. Just a few. Lots of younger bucks too, but these were a few of the better bucks.
  5. Oh good , one of those guys lol
  6. Ahh I thought maybe some folks were smoking the wacky tobaccy
  7. Last years pic was taken in mid to late August. Im not sure they are the same buck although I admit I am hoping. Future pics will let me know. I always get the most pics of him in August so we will see.
  8. Hard for me to tell from that pic. Here is another from late June
  9. Last year was the first year with a forked g2. First year we see him was 5 yrs ago and he was a young basic 10pt at 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 yrs old. He moves to the neighbors property in mid to late Oct. No hunting there at all!
  10. Nice Bear!! Here is 1 I keep getting on cam.
  11. I have been after this big buck for several years. He always disappears min October. Im pretty sure that he is back for year 6. Posting last year and this year for opinions. It is hard to tell but Im am almost certain it is him.