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  1. Well...civilization was good while lasted
  2. Did you open the canopy? I did that this Spring for cover, but it looks like it will be 2018 before It gets decently thick. Need to down a couple more trees also
  3. Marxist Professor supports Antifa Violence
  4. MSM, Democrats, And Police Continue To Award Antifa Thugs A 'Rioters Veto'
  5. CNN JUST JUSTIFIED VIOLENCE FROM ANTIFA; SAYS THEY SEEK “PEACE THROUGH VIOLENCE” Peace through Violence. Note the Orwellian, Marxist language
  6. There was a book written by a former atheist Jew turned Lutheran. He recounted his experiences in communist jails in Romania. This book is not for the feint of heart. His accounts are far more shocking than anything I have read about the Nazis, and we all know how bad they were:
  7. It is not the violence or brutality of the Nazis that upsets the left. Rather it is the ideology that drove it. The Left has always been supportive of violence in its own name . The brutalities of the gulags were on par, if not in fact worse than the Nazi camps. My Father in law fought both the Nazis and the Reds. He said the commies were a lot worse and more barbaric. In fact on one occasion the Poles and Germans forgot their differences in order to deal with the Soviets together
  8. As with all successful revolutions, they required the average Joe to do nothing. Will that happen here?
  9. There is very little real journalism in the Mainstream today. It is mostly ideological propaganda and biased opinion pieces now