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  1. It was nice to see him sized up against my next biggest Bucks. Quite a bit big bigger!
  2. And yes, I have since vacuumed the cob-webs even tho this is my personal office space
  3. Here is the final mount in situ. I added the broken arrow and broad-head that brought the beast down. This arrangement takes up some space tho. It barley fits here. The only other place was in the bedroom but I don't think that would have gone over well with Mrs Pap
  4. Thanks for that piece of narcissistic philosophy Plato
  5. More fruits of Cultural Marxism. How low can they go? Leftists Promising to ‘Desecrate Graves’ and Protest During 154th Anniversary of Battle of Gettysburg
  6. More fruits of Critical Theory Students say term "Radical Islam" is too offensive to use
  7. Prof who called whites ‘inhuman assholes’ put on leave