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  1. Hopefully it was just a drunken accident. Time will tell
  2. 20 Dead, Hundreds Injured
  3. This is breaking now. People killed at the Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in the UK
  4. Alabama Boldly Protects Confederate Statues After New Orleans “Cleansing”
  5. Suspect tells police he killed Tampa Palms roommates for disrespecting his Muslim faith
  6. Err no....A currency's ability to be used as a medium of exchange has no bearing on whether it has any physical backing or not. As is clearly the case, because the dollar no longer has any backing and yet, for now, people still accept it as a medium of exchange. The difference between the dollar and cryptos, apart from the developing underlying technology, is the fact that Cryptos are capped out in terms of how many can be mined. The Dollar can be printed, and is being printed willy-nilly. Hence inflation, hence it losing 95% of its purchasing power since the creation of the Fed. Some folk said the internet would never take off. I may even have been one of them. Cryptos are a no-brainer once a little background research is engaged in. I feel lucky to have gotten in now rather than 4/5 years from now. The rest of you do as you please.
  7. You sound bitter. I would have that checked out. I guess I made a mistake in passing on the good advice. I'll keep my winnings to myself from here on out. Oh, Apple are thinking about adding Bitcoin mining chips to all future phones. Crypto is the future, but don't concern yourself with this any further. It clearly makes you upset.
  8. Seth Rich Plot Thickens: "DC Insider" Speaks Of "Complete Panic" At Highest Levels Of DNC
  9. Literally nothing you need concern yourself about.
  10. Same for stocks n bonds right? And yes, I draw down and reinvest constantly. People who fail to understand the technology behind Ethereum will kick themselves in a couple of years. it is so much more than a digital currency. Also, people need to look up the word "Fiat", as in "fiat currency", which is what the dollar is, actually backed by "nothing". In fact the dollar is a big nothing burger, despite our ability to exchange it for goods and services right now. Crypto-currencies also have their block chain technology to recommend them, something that is going to become the back bone of future business models. Banks are also in on the crypto game now with the Ripple currency. This is no passing fad but is likely to be the basis of all future exchanges. Once governments and the banking sector get behind Cryptos, which they have, best to not disregard.
  11. Ethereum hit 172 dollars over night. I made 800 bucks while I slept