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  1. Congrats and Happy Father's Day!!!!
  2. Rightfully so but for which lottery?
  3. I bet it's a new Elite! Congrats on the new addition Archer would will be so proud!
  4. I bought mine raw shafts. I just had Lancaster cut to length since that's the only thing I can't do yet in-house. Get the maxima reds you won't be sorry you did. George Foreman guarantee!
  5. Love em! That's what I currently use and they are fantastico! Gotta probably order more over the summer.
  6. Do you also cook hibachi style with the cool twirly tricks and flicking shrimp into people's mouths?
  7. Westchester is a 30 day+ wait. Count your 2 weeker as a gift
  8. Happy Birthday @Culvercreek hunt club!!!
  9. How'd you get that video of me?
  10. Sorry I don't shoot children's bows
  11. Happy Birthday @Robhuntandfish!!!
  12. I don't disagree. I find those people to be some of the least intelligent on the planet. Unless you're in an emergency then filling up enough to get you to the much cheaper reasonable gas is fine. But I would never use those stations as they have a history of actual price gouging and have had legal actions taken against them for such gouging. Most recently I recall being during hurricane Sandy. Probably more recently but thats the one I know of
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