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  1. @grampy let me know if there is anything I can do to help out.
  2. I am in. Long walk for me but I think I can make it in 5 minutes
  3. Hey I have one that I haven't used in years. It might cost ya though!!! Coffee and a danish!!
  4. I ran into a guy that has 2 crossbows. He said they are Barnett whitetail hunter pro stars. Illuminated scopes. First are these legal to use in New York? This guy is looking to get rid of these crossbows I am not interested in them but said I would see if I knew anybody that wanted them.
  5. Congrats on your new hunting buddy. Glad he is home safe.
  6. Porky is having lunch and thats where I am headed. 3 does no shot to far away.
  7. You are correct the shot was high. Had the same kinda shot last year and had a decent blood trail. I was just saying fat can plug a hole and that can make a difference in a blood trail.
  8. No matter what crazy things happen in the woods. We often think we see one thing but find out another. Shot placement is key no matter what the caliber size is.
  9. It happens! This was the first year I had it happen. 50 yard shot, 30.06 150grn superformance. The doe ran 133 yards only real blood was where she went down.
  10. In New York and specially in a mall I think the correct term would be cougars!!
  11. @phade my wife and I just picked up the rave4 plug in hybrid. It is a true electric vehicle for 50 miles then it will switch over to gas. I was skeptical but it is really nice. We have put 6000 miles on the car so far and I think she is in her 3rd tank of gas. She plugs it in overnight and then at hew work. If you have any questions about it or want pics let me know.
  12. @grampy awsome bud well deserved. I owe you a coffee sometime soon!
  13. The bucks are just aren't showing themselves. Beautiful day though.
  14. Its good luck to have a silent hunter watch over you!!!
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