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  1. Chris if you dont sell this I might be interested. Let me know I am in the capital district area.
  2. I have done many deer also and never used a saw. I can see where one might come in handy at times though. It is just the way we are taught to do things. Everyone has a different method.
  3. Back in. Hopefully the deer got the memo. Forgot my camo top Have a coat but really don't want to put that on.
  4. 3 turkeys, squirrels. Nothing happening. The switch has to flip soon. Sat till 1200 or 1100 new time!!
  5. Nice steps, you can do anything you put your mind to.
  6. Yikes Glad I am not you!! Hope you and your family get well soon.
  7. Have you seen deer eating these? I have hickory trees where I hunt and never seen a deer stop for them. I always wonder if it was because the are so hard to chew on.
  8. @crappyice congrats and way to stick with it.
  9. The season is to short!! Cool seeing them though.
  10. Nice and warm out so I brought the kid out for a very calming sit!! Dontnthink we will see much with him beating on the side of the blind!!
  11. Anybody hear from fletch? Wonder how he is making out.
  12. Probably their older sister is keeping them busy elsewhere!!
  13. These guys are amazing. There bone structure in there head act like shock absorbers so there brain doesn't rattle against there skull.
  14. I dont think there is anyone on the forum that doesn't want to increase the buck number!! I know I would like to help out.
  15. Are lithium batterys really better than alkaline? Was going to run them in my cameras but they are sooooo expensive and I am wondering if they are worth it.
  16. For a bear skin and some fat to stop a .243 round seem crazy. Neither is that tough. I wonder if they were dud ammo for some reason. Sounds like the cartridge didn't perform and wasn't the bullets fault.
  17. Wind, what wind? I hate hunting with it so quite. You can hear them coming but they pick you off at the slightest sound.
  18. Isn't that the biggest tree where you want to shoot?
  19. I like onx. I have used it alot in NY and brought it to Montana and used it as my GPS. Worked great. Just have to keep it in your head you can be real close using the maps or 30 off in either direction.
  20. Dropped my apple now I am hungry!! Spooked one getting in.
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