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  1. FX62

    Injured hawk..

    Nice of you. Hope he makes it. Had one gliding above me while “mowin” my yard yesterday. Beautiful birds.
  2. FX62

    Bluetooth lighted nocks

    100 yds.
  3. FX62

    Dad's Buck......

    Very nice buck - congrats to your dad! Great job on the euro!
  4. FX62


    Jim Beam is my #1 favorite, but like Tullamore Dew for sipping.
  5. FX62

    Happy Birthday Turkeyfeathers!!!

    Happy birthday! Hope ya get what you wish for!
  6. FX62

    Hunting Christmas presents. Whatcha get ?

    The joke around our house is that I always know what the gift is before unwrapping it. The kids think I snoop....little do they know, I'm just a lucky guesser. Too bad it only works with gifts and not lottery tickets. This year was more about giving hunting related gifts, although I did receive a nice Leupold range finder, Remington fleece, and F&S gift card. Myself and siblings got my dad a crossbow so he could hunt more with us since we found out he was having trouble drawing his bow and that was what was keeping him out of the woods. He can't stop talking about it and that we spent too much. Not a word about taking it back though...lol. I got my son a new camo jacket, pants, and gloves and my daughter got camo pants, shirts, flannel. Their smiles made my Christmas.
  7. FX62

    Please pray for....

    Prayers sent.
  8. FX62

    ML Buck Euro done

    Nice! Unique rack.
  9. FX62

    Dad's Buck

    Great buck - congrats to your dad! Cool video - thanks for sharing.
  10. FX62

    Luna's Tracking Journal 2016

    Thank you both for your commitment to helping others and for sharing your adventures with us. I look forward to reading your updates and your account of each track. You certainly make the reader feel like they are there with you. Wishing you, Luna, and family a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!
  11. FX62

    Son's 1st deer

    Great story! Felt like I was there with you. Congrats to both of you and thanks for sharing!
  12. FX62

    Too many hunting accidents this year

    Some things to consider. First is the media - the headline has to draw the reader, listener, viewer in. The mere fact that the reporting is shotty at best with very little details leads people to jump to their own conclusions as we've seen on this site. Second is that MOST accidents are preventable and good sense isn't very common and had sense and decision making CAN result in unfortunate accidents. No matter what laws are there, people will break them. Education, especially our youth and newbies to the sport, and leading by example will have a better impact imho. Lastly, how many of us would be readong, watching, viewing, or analyzing the latest shooting in the "hood"? The fact that is that "hunting" accidents are so "uncommon" is what draws us in to find out and analyze what happened. The latest 2 incidents are indeed tragic and unfortunate and my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by them.
  13. 6:40. 24 shots before legal
  14. FX62

    Camo preference

    Whatever's on sale. With that said, I probably have more mossy oak than any other brand.
  15. FX62

    The Bill Clinton Buck

    LMAO! Good ones.