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  1. NYHuntFish

    Deer normal

    Thank you all! You made difference between me keeping that meat and not. Thank you very much! On why I only kept the backstraps: 1.) It was after midnight when I got done. I had been up since early AM and was tired. 2.) I had every intention of either gutting it or taking the front legs. Probably should have done the latter. But the guts were coming out its butt and it smelled like poop....so I just decided to take the backstraps. 3.) I was in a public-ish place. On private property but "town like" for sure. I didn't want people oogling at me. I did drag the deer into a ditch by a culvert so the coyotes could eat in peace. If I had this one to do all over: I would have kept the front legs too.
  2. NYHuntFish

    Deer normal

    Can anyone confirm this is ok? I hit a deer tonight with the car, went back later to get the back straps. They look fine. But look at the head is it okay? Every deer I've ever gotten has either been a buck with horns, a doe, or a spike of some sort but I've never gotten a deer where the antlers are gone. This is okay? Those holes are normal? Thank you very much. For your help.
  3. NYHuntFish

    Deer jump

    If this aint' CGI then wow... https://twitter.com/AMAZlNGNATURE/status/981141681616465921
  4. NYHuntFish

    Woa that's a big animal (cougar, Canada)

    I know, that made me so mad.
  5. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/steve-ecklund-cougar-alberta-1.4459546 ...From Les Stroud's Twitter page.... (https://twitter.com/reallesstroud)
  6. My friend has an ad in this magazine. Fall issue free to download: http://betheadventuress.com/wp-content/uploads/fall17.pdf I'm under the distinct impression this issue is free for everyone but if I'm wrong let me know. #SexyChicksHunting
  7. NYHuntFish

    liver ok?

    Not sure. 3x3 points (or 6 point as I used to say). Thanks!
  8. NYHuntFish

    liver ok?

    Thanks. I'm more looking for legitimacy of the current specimen for the purposes of human consumption.
  9. NYHuntFish

    liver ok?

    Thank you for a reasonable response. I've hunted for over 30 years. About 5 years ago I decided I would try to "actually be good at it." Now I'm trying and trying to learn "self reliance." To answer your question, I've never prepared kidneys. I'm thinking about this. I've only really eaten small-game liver. this is new to me, but deer hunting is not. So I need to make sure this is good. Thanks
  10. NYHuntFish

    Big Flats: I found your deer

    End to this story: I went out about 2 hours later and it was gone. So who knows. I know when "something is up," and......something was up.
  11. NYHuntFish

    liver ok?

    I got a deer this morning but my father isn't around to tell me if the liver is definitely good. Can someone help me here? I see it's not "perfectly dark red" in that it has some white areas. And, There are two "small Brown patches" on it. I kept the kidneys too but different topic. thanks!
  12. NYHuntFish

    Big Flats: I found your deer

    Actually, I meant Thanks Growalot! Sorry, it's late. I've been up since 4.
  13. NYHuntFish

    Big Flats: I found your deer

    Ok I'm following the advice to call the cops. I'd shoot it myself but this is 2017 and logic is no longer legal for some reason so let's do that. I'll drive out and if it's still there I'll call the cops. Thanks everyone!
  14. NYHuntFish

    Big Flats: I found your deer

    No I didn't but that is possible. But I saw no signs in the street of an accident. And the deer is "laying" like it's laying in a field. Doesn't look injured but I can sit in the car right next to it and it won't move.
  15. NYHuntFish

    Big Flats: I found your deer

    If you're missing a deer you shot in Big Flats, 3 miles from the airport, write me back. There's a buck laying by the road, alive, but won't move but I can't see a gun shot. So I'm guessing it's shot but I just can't see it. Now also I don't how to handle this. Can someone tell me if I wait X-hours then take it? I'm not sure the right thing to do here. I figure let's see if they get it by noon tomorrow.