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  1. Thanks again for the comments and advice in my post here. If Mr. Botta decides to do the right thing and return the $2,000.00 deposit I paid him for the hunt in Craig, I'll be here to say he resloved the issue. Hope you all have a pleasant day.
  2. Thanks for the comments. Hopefully the post will be helpful. I have all supporting documents. Check out his site. Have a great weekend.
  3. Just a warning to my fellow hunters - I booked a hunt in Craig Colorado in January of this year with Rich Botta of Rich's Hunting Adventures out of New York. I gave him a $2000.00 deposit. He cashed my check. After ten months with no response to e-mails, calls, or texts, two weeks before the hunt, he tells me he has no hunts in Craig. Says I can hunt in Mexico! No offer made to hunt in the U.S. as a replacement. I asked for my deposit back, he texted “lol”. He has kept my deposit. Sled Reynolds
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