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  1. I don’t think he was hunting the barrens. I know someone that knows him and said he thought he was hunting a farm or nursery that he has permission to hunt.
  2. Heading upstate to hunt this weekend and was wondering if anyone is seeing any type of rutting
  3. I have a snowmobile. I got addicted to snowmobiling about 3 years ago, very fun i usually ride in tug hill but if there is enough snow ill ride in sullivan county cochecton center there are plenty of trails(unmarked).
  4. I have been hunting the same area as Fair Game for about 13 years. Before AR's you would see the occasional big buck. Since the AR you now see plenty of good sized bucks. I remember seeing a six pinter and I was in awe, now I see eight pointers and i complain that there to small. But it comes down to preference some people shoot for racks and some shoot for meat. No law will make everyone happy