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  1. I am in Northern Westchester, border of 3s and 3N
  2. How much and would you be willing to ship it?
  3. That's a hell of a road trip but I appreciate the offer? Any interest in shipping it?
  4. I'm located on the border of 3s and 3. I have used a climber a few times not many.
  5. I know it is probably a long shot but wondering if anyone out there has a climber they are looking to get rid of. Just found out that my hang in that I have been using for a few years was taken/stolen. No I am hesitant to leave another stand out there.
  6. Well I do hope to hunt hard as soon as I am able to and hopefully I can fill ateast one tag. I do have a small private spot that only I have rights to hunt. Hopefully the deer will still be there when I'm ready. Senty brother in law in there today to pull camera cards and it appears that I still have plenty of deer and actually got a small six on camera that I haven't seen before. I guess worse case scenario if I don't fill the freezer with venison I will have to get a boat load of small game (rabbit, squirrel, and phesant). Upside is that wouldean much more time in the woods!
  7. Well after a crossbow season that saw a lot of deer but only a few shot opportunities, which I now wish I had taken, my season is pretty much a wrap. Been having stomach and chest pains for about 6 months now and finally saw the doc last week. Turns out it was gall stones not too much smaller than golf balls. Had the gallbladder removed Monday and got home from the hospital on Tuesday evening. Now best case scenario i will be back in the woods for the last four days of the late season. Really wish I took the shots I had during crossbow and filled the freezer when I had the opportunity. Needless to say I am not happy!
  8. The pics I have gotten haven't been if monster bucks but I'm happy for two reasons. Number one is that these pics all came from a camera that my 3 year old daughter placed. Number two it means meat for the freezer!
  9. As a fellow officer may I say RIP Brother. We will take it from here.
  10. There seem to be so many more options out there with compound crossbows than recurve. I personally like recurves because there is few parts to worry about. The Grizzly is an excellent choice from what I can see, I personally have no experience with them however. When I first got into crossbow hunting I purchased a very inexpensive Barnett Recruit Recurve and it has served me well for the most part. Lower speed so shot distance and placement are very crucial. But I believe that has made me a better hunter. I am looking to upgrade after this season so if you go with the Grizzly please let me know what you think. Good luck and sorry I wasn't much help.
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