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  1. Awesome video, there have been a few sightings in Lake George this year.
  2. It was this weekend is Northern Muzzleloader open
  3. On the fourth picture is that a coyote on the back hill line? Maybe a Doe?
  4. Lucked out with vacation so I am off from 4pm this Friday until Sunday the 27th. But for muzzleloader I will be running a CVA Opitma V2 with 100 GR Pyrodex and a 240 Gr XTP sabot. Then weather dependent I will either be using a Rossi 45-70 lever gun or a Mossberg patriot 308.. GL to you
  5. Rants like this is what turned me off from this site. I like Belo's original idea of this thread as I am sure it had great potential. The only real solution to the problem is report your seeings and ideas. If enough people have the same problem over time it will be heard. We are all hunters here with the same set of goals, no need to turn savage to each other over it. On the note of poachers, if everyone is always hearing these stories or knowing a source, how many have ever called the poaching hotline, you want enforcement then it is a perfect way to get it. We had a problem with numerous violations and didn't want to be that club to call, but in the end it has only improved our hunting. I might run into a game warden now, but it doesn't phase me as I have nothing to hide.
  6. Agreed over 60 shots through my 30-06 with corelofts and not one problem... Try another box maybe or different brand. I have purchased some Winchester's new "Extreme Point" Deer Season rounds and love them. Same price as the others too
  7. WNY got it right on. No talk of any regulations or anything. The state made it so moose and elk are legal game with this law passing. (Legal game when the herd is at the right size and all the other specifications needed to make the season) Its pretty much just a BS law right now until the herds are where they need to be in the states eyes.
  8. What the state did was pass a law that will allow a season to just go into effect at a select date. The idea of the law was to prevent any down time or have any hurdles to jump when the time comes for an effective season. The state is trying to think ahead, maybe a bit too far ahead for the elk but it was a good idea.
  9. After misjudging distance on a deer last year I said this year I would buy a new muzzleloader and use fiber optics for the sights, but I just didn't feel comfortable after my first range session as my groups were just a bit to large for my liking. Ended up scoping it and now I am punching the same holes with the gun. I blame the miss on just being young and simple mistakes. As others have said I want to be as ethical as possible.
  10. Drats! I have been waiting all day to see if someone knew what this was. It looks pretty cool, I will send it to one of my friends he is really good with ID's
  11. We have the three stooges at my house. None of them are the brightest bulb in the package but all are best friends: One dog- Great Dane named Lilly. Protects the couch all day long. Would let a stranger in the house but freaks when my dad comes in. Two cats, Orange one was a runt that we saved as the mom had kicked it out of the litter. The other is a Siamese that thinks it is a dog and has become BFF's with Lilly.
  12. I have some of the tape 132 eight pointer has, PM me your address and I will ship you a roll.
  13. If you use cardboard, look for something with multiple layers as it will last longer. Also check with your local supermarket, many give out the banana boxes for free and they work great as they have a wax coating on them. Just watch out for the spiders that can be shipped in them. I was looking into using pallets and cardboard for a blind, but I never got around to having the free time. Post some pictures if you do make something!
  14. For Trade: Savage 19r 17 HMR with. Wood stock is in great shape, crisp trigger and bolt is smooth. I have original paper work and box for this rifle. I have 3 mags, (2) 10 round magazines and factory 5 round. I have 595 Hornady 17 grain V max and 100 Remington Premier Gold box. Sitting on top is an older but perfect shape Redfield 5 Star 6-18x40 MM scope. The 40mm objective lens is adjustable from 50 yards to infinity. Looking to trade for rifles and pistols. Located in Argyle, NY Traveling to Utica, NY this weekend Please no black powder/muzzleloaders, 22 lr., shotguns or crossbows. Please PM offers and photos of what you have.
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