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  1. Yes i handled it with care. The taxidermist said he has to put injections into the rack to preserve velvet. He is very skilled and been doing for 20 years so im confident it will come out perfect.
  2. Yes i am pretty excited about it . I contacted ny outdoors news and they are gonna do a story on it, im so pumped gonna put article on the wall right next to the mount!!! What a conversational piece. Thanks for all the feedback and good luck out there.
  3. ya did some research and found that does with spikes is like 1 to 1000 deer. And doe that grow a big cur metrical rack are 1 to 20,000. At first i thought i shot a buck in velvet until i started gutting it i was like wtf no balls!!!!! lol
  4. Hi guys just wanted to share some pics of 10 point doe in velvet that i shot on 11/17/13