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  1. Just visualize your new moron neighbors who come in and hunt right on the edge and shoot everything that moves and then ask yourself if the lease price is fair? I’d lock it down quick.
  2. I bought two covert cell cams in 2015 and enjoyed them but eventually found them rather basic in abilities. I often only got the very front of a deer (quick trigger I assume) and the subsequent pics don’t get sent to cell. In 2018, one of my 3 year old units stopped working out of the blue so I shipped it back to Covert for potential repair and they said it could not be repaired. They offered a “discount” replacement for $300. I was not impressed with that and did not replace. I will be buying another brand next time. A friend of mine has a spy point and the pics he sends me look nice.
  3. Until you acquire ESP to know whether or not the deer is going to react to the sound of the crossbow, you would be wise to keep your shots to 30-35 yards. Sure, you may be able to hit a stationary target at 50 yards but a deer that hears the snap of a xgun is not going to stand still all of the time. A lot of wounded deer result from this long shot guessing game.
  4. Even though these debates are largely useless I wanted to reply to the “how does XBows effect the vertical guys”... Here it is: Once xgun season opens all my neighbors who are former gun only hunters flood the woods and hunt like gun hunters. They drive deer, they think the xgun can kill deer by hitting them in the neck and head, and they shoot at moving/running deer. Many of them don’t just would deer, many of them are successful and sense Ny gives two buck tags they now more frequently kill two bucks. Many people don’t eat more than two buck and as such not much reason for that guy to fill a doe tag. With so many areas over run with doe no wonder it’s judt getting worse and people complain they don’t witness rut. But plain and simple all these gun hunters DO effect vertical archers. Deer are nocturnal so much quicker. And before you blast me and tell me I just want it easy etc. I own a xgun and would feel differently if NY was a one buck state and if guys who chose the weapon were former vertical guys. But the newly found xgun hunters who flood the bow woods are the guys who just want it easy. If they love the xgun, use it in gun season and yeah, give the vertical guys a chance.
  5. What are are you in? I could consider bringing my dog out later but I would not want you guys to pursue it unless you are seeing things like bubbles in your blood. If it's an unknown hit, a 6-8 hour wait is best because very very few non lethal hits end up expiring in just a few hours. But many expire after 6, 8, 10 hours. Many times when blind searching this early you just end up pushing a deer that may otherwise die in its first bed if left alone long enough. The big question here is what exactly the blood looks like? If it does not look good you are searching way too early. Good luck
  6. JFB

    New Bow Sight

    Thanks, I'll check those out. Do any sights allow the use of both eye's? My non shooting eye (left) of course is very clear. Would be nice if I could pull back and use my left eye
  7. JFB

    New Bow Sight

    For next year I'll be looking for a new bow sight. I have lousy blurred vision in my shooting eye and wondered if anyone has any experience with any sights that may use magnification or a lens that can be adjusted for clarity?
  8. The best very close option to you in my opinion is Steele's. Tim is a nice guy and does very good consistent work. He's just off the 390 exit right near you.
  9. Yes, I used to like the TV show "Dream Season" but I now find it very hard to not have bad thoughts when it comes on just because of the name!
  10. No, not a Matt. This taxidermist is in Rochester just off Browncroft Blvd heading east and operates out of their house.
  11. I will start this by saying I have NEVER before taken the time to post something negative about any business and frankly I don't know if this site has rules against sharing bad experiences so I'll wait to get input from the administrators on whether to identify my former taxidermist but I'll write a bit on what transpired. I will say that in my opinion, when this person is focused, the work is among the best I've ever seen. My main complaint is NOT related to turn around time however that plays into it. On my first mount it took one full year PAST the time that was estimated and totaled over 2 years. Last year, I was fortunate to harvest two bucks that I wanted mounted and cautiously decided to give a second chance. I had candid conversations about how waiting a full year past the target date (of one year) was frustrating and it was assured to me that these could be done in roughly a year. Again, I don't mind waiting for a quality mount. At 13 months, I made a polite call to check in and it was said it would be done around Christmas. Well, I then checked in around February and the excuses just start rolling in (injuries, illnesses, family issues, losing venders who did work of them, etc, etc). Shortly after, I started asking around and have heard many stories about how this taxidermist has a history of not being able to purchase equipment and is short on operating cash. Apparently I am not the only one to get the run around. When I heard about the other issues, I called and reminded the taxidermist that I go to them because I believe in their work and whatever happens I do not want another taxidermist to be subcontracted out (as I had heard this happens at times). I told them I would remain patient for quality work. Well at the 18th month I called again and it was then I learned that the normal tanner was not doing their work any longer and then they told me "I had an issue with your tan that took some extra time" but it was supposed to be done shortly. It was then I feared the worst. I walked in to see my mount and the entire brisket has tick damage. Now I'm malicious in examining my deer and especially the cape when I consider mounting it. This buck did NOT have tick damage and I didn't even drag the buck so to take care of the cape. It looks like the buck got run over by a truck and dragged on the pavement (tick damage looks like road rash hair loss... it looks similar to slippage but it's not). I asked for my other cape and rack back because I have had it. Stupidly, I had money on hand when I dropped off the original deer so I voluntarily gave a 50% ($300) deposit. Well imagine my shock when they told me I'd forfeit my deposit and when I got nasty I was told that they didn't even have enough money on hand to issue a deposit even if they wanted to. So as the cape was searched for, it was concluded it still must be at the tannery and I was forced to wait yet again. Today I finally got my cape returned and they rationalized all kinds of charges and issued a small refund. I just wanted my antlers and cape back in my hand. It is my belief something went wrong with the new tannery and that a substitute (damaged) cape was used. Very sad a talented person tries to run a business like this.
  12. Now that the Ata is over, what new xbows were released that grabbed your attention? I saw the post about the Nitro X which is similar to the Scorbyd I like. Just not sure if the Nitro is NY legal, will search specs. What else is new?
  13. Local bass clubs are typically very welcoming. About 13 or so years ago a stranger invited me to a Rochester Bassmaster meeting to check it out and man I’m glad I did. Most of us think we are pretty good bass fisherman going in but what I learned from these guys is amazing. You don’t need to own a boat to fish tournaments and you get to ride with some experienced guys typically with some real nice rigs. Typically 2 meetings a month where there are speakers to cover bass related topics- for example the next meeting a speaker will discuss likely tactics to be successful on each lake we visit this year. Look up your local clubs and if you are anywhere near Rochester go to www.rochesterbasasters.com. Adding a little competition to your fishing sure is addicting!
  14. Yeah that’s pricey. Trying to rationalize it... I paid $400 for my rangefinder. Paid $100 for my sight. That’s $500, so is this potentialy cool item worth $300 to $500?? My shooting eye is blurry and not correctable so I wonder if I’d be able to use my off eye when sighting in or shooting?
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