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  1. I saw one in Allegheny county back in 1982. My parents and there neighbors spotted them occasionaly back in the 50,s and 60,s in southern Steuben county. They are not as rare in N.Y. as some may think.
  2. I take my Beagles out when i can. Hunting rabbits was my first hunting experience,and the love for it has'nt been lost over the years since.
  3. Bushnell Banner 2.5-4x on my rem. 870 slug gun
  4. It is part of my genetic make-up. I make no excuses for it,it is in all our genes to some degree.
  5. YES!! It's deer season,and it's the only one I have seen in the woods so far! lol
  6. Still using a Bear "Brown Bear" compound I bought from a co-worker in 1988. Laminated wood limbs and riser.Still love it after all these years.
  7. mosin M44with handloads. 2 deer in 3years with it.
  8. My first ML deer was back in 1978,a 9point. Shot him during reg. season using a .45 cal long rifle and hoemade balls& patches. Every ML deer is a thrill,whether it's a buck or doe.
  9. Investarms Hawken,50 cal, 1in48 twist,80 grains pyrodex,prb