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  1. Awesome shot. My first deer this years was a clean pass through of the heart. I couldn't believe the blood trail (short as it was).
  2. I have to believe that (just based on numbers of hunters) there are more wounded deer from gun hunters. The big thing with gun hunters is that often, if the deer does not drop on the shot, they don't even bother to check if they hit it. If it runs away, it is assumed that they missed. How many of you have emptied your quiver on a deer? I don't know how many times I have heard the three or four shot salvo. Enough said. I will get off my soapbox now.
  3. Great story and congrats on the deer! Actually, Elmo, they do have $1000 bills, but they are only used by the Federal Reserve generally for international transactions.
  4. Climbed up in my stand last year before daylight. Got settled in and waited for light. As it started to get to the point I could see, I looked over to see something moving in the tree next to me (about 15 feet away). A little more light and I realized it was a Tom turkey roosted for the night! He paced back and forth on that branch for about 15 minutes trying to figure out what I was, how I got there, and how HE was getting the heck out of there! I also had a stray cat follow me into the woods on the first day of deer season a few years back. She was sitting ON my boots when I shot my d
  5. Certainly doesn't mean it is legal. As mentioned in an earlier thread, I HAVE passed on a deer because it was too early. When I first started hunting over thirty years ago, my father made sure I knew how important it was to know the time and try to be legal at all times. It only takes a couple of morons to make life rough for legal hunters.
  6. I agree. The guy is out of line and should be following the rules. That said, I have a police gun range about 1000 yards from my stand and regularly hear automatic gun fire. It never seems to bother the deer.
  7. First, I think I would laugh my butt off, but then, I would probably go hunt it down because I sure as heck don't want that breeding on my property!!
  8. We have just a "cheap" $100 unit we picked up years ago. It is nothing fancy, but has gone through hundreds of pounds of burger and sausage without an issue. The key is to keep the blades and the plate tight together. (I believe it is a Rival.)
  9. I just have one thing to say....DANG!
  10. You should be in my area. I hunt behind my house on a little 42 acre plot. About 1500 yards from my stand is the county law enforcement gun range. This weekend (first weekend of bow) it sounded like a combat zone. Lots of automatic rifle fire. Didn't matter, I saw a lot of deer over the weekend. They are used to it.
  11. Did two last night. Lots of sausage, etc in the freezer today. One smaller deer and one very large doe. We got just under a hundred pounds of meat (yes, we weigh it all) when all was said and done. We were very happy with that.
  12. Shot my deer at about 15 yards Saturday morning with a Muzzy 100 grain, 3 blade. It went about 50 yards and crashed. I waited about a half hour and got down to check it. When I retrieved my arrow, the spot looked like the deer's heart had exploded. When I field dressed it, I found out why. My shot was just a touch low and went in one side of the heart and out the other. I am amazed it ran that far. Adrenaline is an amazing thing!
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