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  1. beach in Palma de Majorca in the med was amazing in 1988
  2. looked like a good time! sorry i missed it. maybe next time. i just felt like sh*t yesterday. some nyquil and i feel way better this morning.
  3. i didn't want to spread misinformation. the rate is 1.9% with 0.5% off for automatic payments. the lowest possible is 1.49%. sorry for the confusion....
  4. with reference to cash vs financing the credit union i belong to give a 3yr old car loan the same as new new car loan. i think right now it is .9% and if i get auto deduction from my pay they take off another .5% this is really tough to argue for me. i too hate payments...
  5. "its like $200 a year iirc for the scratch and dent protection. I will never buy another truck. Leasing is the way to go. Beat em up and upgrade every 3 years if you're like me and don't put a ton of miles i wasn't even aware of the option...1st time i've ever leased anything...good information i have to look into selling the leasing rights on carvana ect. issue is 1.5 mos away from possibly turning in the truck with 2-3 month lead time on a new ford. may be a cold couple weeks on the bike if i have to.
  6. i'd like to put in my two cents about leasing. first truck i have ever not bought 2019 ram with the 3.6 motor not the hemi. 34 mos into a 36 mo lease. 10k a year for mileage and i am below - 27k right now. all depends if you want to buy in the end or give it back from what i can tell. i will end up giving them about $12,100 at the end of the lease for the 36 payments i made. truck was about $44,000 new. buy out is $21000 around after 3 yrs. diff being depreciation. i have been so worried about scratching or denting it that i haven't even used it really. took kids back and forth to college and threw a few deer in the back. the dealer request you to sign an agreement that says you wont use the truck for work i think i will buy it and try to get back some depreciation from the used market. looking for a new ford superduty. we'll see what the dealer gives me for it....
  7. i went out yesterday afternoon for about the last 2.5 hrs and saw one small buck on the way to the car - a forkhorn. working four day shifts (12hr) until sunday. i'm gonna miss not being out. good luck!
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