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  1. f3cbboy

    Hoyt Pro Defiant for sale

    Thanks for the heads up! Sent from my SM-J727V using Tapatalk
  2. f3cbboy

    Hoyt Pro Defiant for sale

    nice bow! are the cams expensive to changeout?
  3. f3cbboy

    16/8 Diet ?

    I combined keto and IF on hrs 16/8 and lost about 45 lbs starting in march of this year. hunting and holidays probably put about 10lbs back on, but it teaches you about self control and shows really how much you need to eat for real every day. I've never eaten so many avacados!
  4. Just had abig doe like 10 ft from grnd blind. Came out of weeds right behind me. Would have been nice to shoot her, but still cool to b close on the last day. Thinking about that for a while Sent from my SM-J727V using Tapatalk
  5. Got in stand about 20 mins ago.figured I'd wait till absolute end of season to post in this thread. Plenty of deer up n about on drive in. They all looked delicious! Sent from my SM-J727V using Tapatalk
  6. that says manual. does this mean I would have to operate a pump to remove the air or am I missing something? nevermind - link opened now. it didn't open at first.
  7. f3cbboy

    Sausage Stuffer

    I bought one from waltons for about $125 that holds 7lbs. works like a champ. I have a stand mixer that I grind with and the bowl from the mixer holds about 5-6 lbs at a time for mixin in the seasoning, so the small works great.
  8. f3cbboy


    there is a post earlier in this thread where there is a link to a guy on archerytalk who i think you can buy the mod for trigger from. i have not done it yet, original trigger it is a pain in the azz, but it works.
  9. f3cbboy

    Jackalope Rut starting to heat up in Wyoming

    first trip out west when I was a kid - we used to drive and camp all across the u.s. for stuff with my dads job - I was probably 6 or 7 yrs old, and he bought me a mounted jackalope head at a roadside gas station on rt 80 and I fully believed they existed!
  10. f3cbboy

    Need advice!!

    awesome deer - it does look like the size of a horse!
  11. f3cbboy

    first deer

    thanks - close shot only about 15 yds, two does came thru and the second one got it. Remington 700 - 7mm-08 - 140 gr corelokt. both lungs and the top of the heart blown apart. deer went about 25 yds.
  12. f3cbboy

    first deer

    My son got his first deer. youth hunt 10/7/2018. we were both pumped!
  13. f3cbboy

    Used bow shopping

    worked ok for me. nice bow
  14. f3cbboy

    2018 HuntingNY Whitetail Classic

    ok im in.