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  1. philoshop

    Chasing already? 10/20

    It's kind of an interesting dynamic. The younger bucks are eager for GO and the older does are eager for GO. The bucks are looking for ANYTHING that might be a receptive doe. I've had them come after me for farting in a ground blind. The older does seem to be hoping that if a young guy gets the deed done she won't have to have some 250 pound 12 point buck climbing on her back. Wild kingdom!
  2. I have little doubt that you actually believe that kind of BS. Carry on.
  3. philoshop

    Live from the butcher block

    My grandparents used every part of every animal they ever raised. The feather-crested head of a rooster was used to spread oil around the frying pan. The only part of a pig that didn't get used was the squeal. I'd be a bit cautious with bone marrow today, though. It's where a lot of of the GMO and artificial hormone stuff ends up. I haven't done any deep research into the subject, just a casual heads up.
  4. Industrial engineer. He used to design the really cool machinery that gets cans of coke or bags of potato chips out the factory door. Now he does trouble-shooting of the systems he designed. People are more than happy to to pay him $1500 an hour for advice over the phone.
  5. It's my understanding that you're allowed to work a certain number of hours while collecting SS benefits. I don't believe there is any cap on what you can make or charge. My friend makes a cool $1500 per hour for about fifteen hours a week while he collects his $2300 a month SS check.He donates the SS check to worthy causes.
  6. The only person I know who put it off until seventy is my Dad. He was a working Dentist until he was 78 YO. He cared about his family and he cared about his patients. Now he's 80 YO and drawing a nice government check for the money he's paid in over the years. The Alzheimers makes it a moot point, however. He doesn't know or care where the check comes from, or even what it is. The long goodbye has begun. It terrifies me to see my Dad like this.
  7. I'm fully in at 62. Two years and a little bit away. It's my money. I want it now. And waiting for five or ten years to see what sort of idiocy might take over this country is not a comforting thought. Send me the check, thank you.
  8. I went out to just sit and watch the woods wake up. Forgot the camera, even. Lots of squirrels, a couple of bunnies, a "possum who looked like he had something stuck in his mouth. Might have been the taste of 'possum. A few does came through just browsing, and then a small buck who looked like he didn't know what to do next. The little guy just stood there looking confused. I finally laughed out loud and he snorted and walked off. Fun morning.
  9. philoshop

    Favorite stand snack

    Those peanut butter cracker snacks. I've actually lived on them for several days. And if you munch them just right all the squirrels will gather around in awe.
  10. We in the US don't eat our domestic pets because we're not yet forced to. I'm not going to eat my neighbor's springer spaniel largely because I can go to the grocery store and buy a pack of meat. And the dog is cool.
  11. Let me ask you one thing Belo: Are you more angry that President Trump is succeeding as President,. or are you more angry that the Democrat party is just absolutely failing at any chance of regaining power? I know you won't respond. Coward.
  12. Normal Americans don't do that, and would never do that. Take your hyperbole elsewhere.
  13. We have wild pigs in this state right now chewing up farm crops and making a mess of pasture land, and it's a growing population. Not much difference between pigs and baboons. Incredibly destructive animals when left unchecked, but the animal rights idiots will try to protect them both, of course.
  14. philoshop

    E Bikes

    Has anyone figured out whether or not they're legal on NYS lands? I don't imagine I'll ever kill another deer in NYS, but I can picture a box full of squirrels on the back of that scooter.
  15. philoshop

    26+ Years Of Marriage

    People often ask me why I'm single.