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  1. I hunt in 3M so my properties are no bigger than 30-50 acres. The places I hang stands are the best spots on the property. Other guys that hunt the property allow their “buddies” to hunt as well. The guy said...”oh, my buddy said I can hunt here. I thought this was his stand.” I don’t want to bother the land owners bc they were uneasy about hunting to begin with so if I go to them with problems they might tell me no more hunting.
  2. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts about staying hidden- meaning using a climber instead of pre hung stands- to avoid other hunters being aware of your spots. I have had many headaches in the past few years with trail cams being stolen, ladder sticks being removed, and my favorite... me walking up to my ladder stand to find a guy sitting in it. I hunt a few different pieces of private land but each land owner has granted several other hunters permission as well. I recently bought a new summit climber which is nice but due to family obligations, I usually only hunt mornings and carrying 18 additional lbs and setting up in the dark can be a hassle. I have 3 hang ons and 3 ladders in my arsenal but I’m wondering if making a point to use my climber from now on would be smarter for my overall success.
  3. Please forgive me if this is a stupid question. The sd card from my camera was stolen. I went to check my cam today and it was sitting at the base of the tree with the straps gone, latch open and sd card missing. I’ve heard that cameras have some sort of internal memory and if you hook up the cam from the USB port to your computer, some pics can be seen. Before I drive out to my parents house to use their computer... is this true or am I out of luck?
  4. That’s what I planned on doing. Just pushing it back up the tree an inch or 2 to take the pressure off. Then pulling it back down into place next hunt. Any reason why this would not be ok?
  5. I plan to switch from a 20 foot stick ladder to (3) individual climbing sticks to get into my hang ons this year. I plan to leave the top stick on the tree and carry in the bottom 2 each time I hunt. Should I take the pressure off or loosen the straps on the top stick after I hunt and pull it down tight next hunt or should keep it tight all season? I plan to hang my stands this week and was thinking it might keep the straps in better shape if I take the pressure off. FYI- I plan on using the regular factory strap in addition to another buckle strap for extra security. Any climbing stick guys have any thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Does anyone know exactly how the mechanism workS? I’ve looked online but I still can’t find the specific details. Also- I just learned about it but I’m not sure how long it’s been out? I usually don’t like jumping on a product as soon as it comes out. Companies usually make a few tweaks to the original product.
  7. Hi all. First off- please don’t turn this tread into a rage vs all other companies debate. for some reason, I Just learned about the new rage design with no collar with some kind of self locking mechanism. Has anybody looked into these? I’ve been a fan of rage for years and have had great results with the originals, chisel tip, and hypodermic. There have been a few times however when I’ve bumped a blade out of the collar and Worried about it after putting it back in. This new no collar design seems to eliminate that concern. I watched a few reviews online but wanted to know if anybody else planS on picking up a pack.
  8. I’m looking at buying the exact same truck. Did you have a truck before this? What was your experience like shopping for it?
  9. If we all went back in time 20-30 years, I’m sure we would be blown away at the bows that are out now. I’m sure back then, if someone told you bows would be 4 lbs and shoot 350fps you’d say “no way.” That being said, what do you think bow technology will produce in the next 10-20 years? Bows that somehow shoot 375 with a comfortable draw? Some type of composite material that will make 2-3 lb bows the norm? If you were to guess about compound bows of the future, what do you think?
  10. I recently obtained permission to hunt a great property for next bow season. I put out some cams in January and I had a ton of deer including several mature bucks. Here’s my dilemma... the perfect spot for a stand is 100 yards past the property line- which is a stone wall. The 2 large properties come to a natural funnel. I spoke to the other property owner and there are already other guys that gun hunt it so I will not be allowed to, even during bow season. Today I spent 2 hours scouting the new property. Several deer trails, rubs, and scat everywhere. I would stand at a tree which I would think is great for a stand, then see another tree 75 yards away which I think is better. I spent 2 hours walking back and forth from tree to tree to tree. Anybody have any advice in selecting the best spot, factors to focus on, etc? Thanks!
  11. If you do have a back up bow, what is your arrangement? Did you upgrade recently and keep your older one? Are they both equal quality? I was out of commission for 3 weeks this bow season as my bow was being repaired from damage sustained in early October. I def don’t want that to happen again. I’m deciding between buying another high quality bow or perhaps buying a mid level bow to keep just in case I need it.
  12. I regret to say that I have never used my trail cameras during gun season/late season. I use them in October during early bow, as I’m mainly a bow hunter, but not after that. In the future I’m hoping to use them to be successful during rifle season. Where should I set them at this time? Anything to consider that is different then early season? Thanks.
  13. Hi all. I recently obtained permission to hunt a large property (200 acres) that looks to have some great potential. I walked the property today and noticed that the entire property was divided by football field sized stone walls. There are gaps in certain sections which I’m sure will be travel corridors for deer. Another point to consider is the property has a distinct slope/elevation change. There are breaks in several of the walls mentioned above. Should I hang a stand 25 yards off to the side of one of these wall openings? Should I be on the high side or the low side? It appears that there are mature oak trees throughout the whole property. I only hunt mornings and prefer to get in well before first light. Any strategy advice on how to hunt these walls would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Hi all, I recently obtained permission to hunt a medium size patch of woods that shows great potential. I checked my trail cam from there and got a lot of deer. The issue is, the spot where I want to hang a stand is about 300 yards from a major highway with constant traffic noise. On one hand it could help mask my noise but of course on the other, deer can be walking right behind me and I wouldn’t know. My buddy used to hunt near a rock quarry that constantly had machines running and he killed plenty of deer there. Aside from being constantly visually observant, is there any other things to consider? Anybody ever have a similar situation? Thanks!
  15. I hunt in lower NY which means suburban deer hunting. I have several small patches of woods averaging 10-40 acres. I was talking to the property owner of one properties today who said a black bear has been tearing up the local garbage cans each night. Apparently he drags bags of garbage back into the woods to eat each night. I have a stand set up about 100 yards behind the house. Will the bear scare the deer off the small property or do they not bother each other. I have other properties to hunt but with limited time in the woods I don’t want to waste a sit if the deer have been run off the property. PS- I have no interest in shooting the bear. Thanks!