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  1. I have seen a sawzall used many times for cleaning deer, mainly for splitting the hams from pelvis...it works
  2. I have nothing to hide, as long as there is enough real estate.
  3. What NFA said....if you can record her on video so she can see any deviations in form. The same posture, anchor point, stance, grip, follow thru. She needs to be a statue every time she shoots, if you record her and she can see the minute differences in form then it should help her to maintain the form. Start her @ 10 yds, when the form is consistent, the accuracy will be too ...then start stretching the distance.
  4. Vortex Glass in whatever price range you are working in should give you good bang for your buck. Best warranty there is.
  5. I am pretty "hardcore" when it comes to deer hunting, people back in the day when the subject of hunting came up would point to me and say go talk to hardcore. Some close friends used to joke that before I went hunting I smeared deer scat under my eyes, like a football player...lol
  6. Superb buck, too bad you didn't cause his demise during the season. At least you found him and can close that chapter. You've got a great history of the deer and stories to last . I know it wasn't a hunting harvest but still wanna say congrats.
  7. Very easy to establish and grow, but most will rot before deer finish them. Don't know what your brassica issues were but I would definitely give it another go with the leafy greens. If your still bent on no brassicas, maybe sweet potatoes, deer will murder them.
  8. I have 5 whitetails that score between 117" & 122", one with the bow.These aren't officially scored fairly accurate but conservative numbers. Largest weight was a 205 lb 6ptr , dudes rack did not match the body. Respectable fork horn with browtines.
  9. Excellent sheds...all nice bucks!!!!
  10. Again the best of luck to you MM, don't get discouraged if they don't turn out like you hope. I have had many food plot attempts yield close to zip. I have also had many lush "TV" plots as I like to call them and the mediocre variety as well. The full spectrum of success and failure on my record. A lot of trial and error so many things need to be right.
  11. Precisely, just a matter of broadcasting a picture that could be very easily twisted or misconstrued.
  12. I'm in the 95% sure range that whitetails are not able to be domesticated. they are too jittery, reclusive. If your thinking deer farms, most of them are going to have wooded lots. & fields. A deer in cage is in captivity not domesticated .
  13. Why not, they should thrive over there. I worked in St Thomas USVI and they have whitetails on that little island. Some local told me settlers in the olden days brought them over in an attempt to domesticate, didn't work.