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  1. Thanks. Not Medford. It was at a private club in Cutchogue. I was a guest today. But I do shoot in Medford quite often.
  2. Bumping an older thread and thought that I’d share a few cool pics from the range today with the 9 and 45.
  3. Ableammo.com .45 abguns.com 9mm and .40 reedssports.com 357 SIG
  4. I’ve been buying most of my Ammo online lately. The places that I shop don’t charge tax, and even with shipping it’s usually much cheaper than any local shops. In fact, I even found some 357 Sig ammo on GB that I couldn’t find anywhere for a great price. The pics showed the retailer’s name. I called them up and purchased directly from them. No tax and no CC fees normally associated with GB.
  5. F&S has had a good supply, but their prices have been quite high as of late. A big difference from a year ago when stuff was really hard to find and they were the cheapest around, at least for 9mm.
  6. If you’re still looking, I just came across these and they look good. They also make many different types for all kinds of guns. Nightfision.com
  7. All of the current P365’s come with Sig X-ray 3 sights. It has a green front post, and the rear is just a pair of tritiums. I’m not sure if the older ones had Sig lites, but if they did, it would have a white front post, with 2 white ones on the rear.
  8. I found some Federal 3” 12g trophy solid copper slugs at Walmart yesterday. I haven’t seen them in almost 2 years. It’s been pretty slim pickings though at the few Walmart’s around here. Mostly just 22LR. I did grab a box of Federal 22 $21/325. They run pretty good in my pistol.
  9. Every gun shop that I stopped in didn’t have the sights that I wanted. My go to shop said they could order them, but couldn’t tell me when they might get them. So I asked if I could just order them myself and bring them in to be installed. No problem! Go right ahead. I think I did them a favor actually. With so many options for sights, and probably very little markup, I’d guess that most shops won’t keep too much in stock. Maybe I’m wrong. IDK.
  10. I like the X-ray 3 sights, but I’m not sure if they’re available for Glock. Meprolight makes a fine tritium sight as well. $25 at my LGS to push them in. Money well spent.
  11. This yearly thread was always started in September right before the season started. It was actually called Live from the Stand years ago. Nobody ever had a problem with it. The thing is here on Long Island, the season continues until the end of January. And with a title that says 2021, some of us were posting in a thread from the previous year but the same season. So I propose that a new Hunting thread is started in September when the season is about to kick off and is labeled 2022-2023, to cover the entire hunting season. Like the way it used to be. Then members that haven’t been around all summer don’t have to wade through 100 pages of BS before they even get to the real deer hunting posts.
  12. When I converted my Savage last year to 6.8spc, I did some minor work on the bolt as well as swapping the barrel. Now that I’ve found a new hobby with pistols, I am obsessed in learning the ins and outs of how they work. I won’t get involved in polishing any trigger parts, but I will purchase better parts for them and swap them out myself.
  13. More propaganda. So much is coming from both sides.
  14. Definitely not cheap, but I wouldn’t be using it for plinking either. Have the 9 and a 22 conversion for that.
  15. Just released this week. https://www.sigsauer.com/p365-380.html
  16. The 365xl really fills the gap between the 365 and the 320. Now that the 365 is available in .380, I may have to reconsider a striker fired in the future. Lol
  17. No offense taken. I haven’t shot the 239 yet. Hopefully Monday. It was made in 2013 and is in immaculate condition, but it will not be a safe queen for me. I plan on putting plenty of rounds through it. No P365’s for me for 2 reasons. I prefer hammer fired over striker fired, and if I did get a 365, it would be an XL. This 239 is about the same size as a 365XL. They stopped production of this gun, but after seeing it in the 2 tone and the condition that it was in, I just had to have it.
  18. Congrats on the .45 and enjoy. That will probably be my next caliber that I get, but after picking up another Sig, it’s going to be a while. P239 2 tone.
  19. Haha. Thanks. I missed that. My reading comprehension sucks in the morning. Sounds like a great price. Congrats and enjoy.
  20. Can you share anymore details on this like caliber and price? What’s the barrel length? I’m not looking, but I’m just curious. That is a work of art.
  21. Likewise. They are second to none. My father does not abuse the program. In the last 10 years I think 2 scopes have been purchased. The whole gift/resale clause is to prevent people from buying the maximum every year and taking advantage of it.
  22. I’ve been hunting with my father who is a veteran my entire life. What’s his is mine and what’s mine is his. There are no gifts involved or resales. If you think it’s wrong if he purchases a scope for a rifle that we both use, then I don’t know what to tell you.
  23. Yes there are. Best bet when purchasing on eBay is to request the serial number and verify with Leupold.
  24. Camera Land is an unbelievable store. They have so much inventory. It’s a great place to walk in to see many different scopes if you’re ever in the area. It’s too bad that Nikon got out of the scope business.
  25. Just to give you an idea on the pricing with the VIP program.
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