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    Lunar eclipse tonight

    It is still a Wolf Moon Bionic and very close obviously.

    Warm Gloves

    I have found that the Brown Jersey Gloves- simply Doubled up keep my Hands Warm for outdoor work like Shoveling. I get those for just a few Bucks at my Local Dollar General. 3 Pairs for 6 Bucks.

    Lunar eclipse tonight

    Step outside now. Looks huge because it is so close!

    Lunar eclipse tonight

    I was just outside. That is some Blood Wolf Moon!! I had my Binoculars out as well.Even the cell took good pics.

    Southeast/ region 3 meet up

    What about--- Water Rat. He is from Dutchess Co.

    Southeast/ region 3 meet up

    I might just have Lift from Cynthia. Awful nice! Few things to work out. 2/2 is a good Time.
  7. So far- this was not a bad Snowstorm here in Monroe. No more then 4" so far. A Wet snow though. Now back when, I was a Kid, I would RACE out the door armed with my Shovel around 8.30am or so and start knocking on Doors. Other Kids would also be out. Sometimes 3 or 4 of them. Running on the road with Shovels and up to Front Doors. If, I was Lucky, I would get 3 driveways done as my competition were going fast as well. The Job had to be done well though. Some people would give me 5 Bucks and others would give 10 Bucks. If you were real Lucky-- you got 15 Bucks for a Long Driveway. Kids don't do this anymore from what, I see. Now- it is the guy with a Plow hooked up to his Ford- F-150. He charges 40 minimum. Probably alot of Elderly people would prefer to pay that kid 20 Bucks if they could find one..
  8. Posting this up after checking out-- Coyote On Coyote. People are more Subtle. More disrespect though from youngsters once you hit your mid-- 50s.

    Coyotes on coyote attack

    I still have not seen it after reading replys. Going to upload a Video with William Zabka. Remember Johnny from Karate Kid-- 1984. He is 56 today- 3 years younger then me. Check out the young Punks in Video. This is movies- but not far off from reality.
  10. Funny Paula! That's what, I looked like. A coat and a Shovel.

    Coyotes on coyote attack

    I did not watch this yet above. The same happens with People to a Much lesser Degree. You get up into your 50s and all of a Sudden, you get disrespected by the 16-- late 20s age group. Some of these Young Bucks think you could be a easy Mark---- a soft Touch and no fear of retribution. Not often- but it can happen.
  12. I Just watched this for the 2nd time. Can't believe this Guy was Crawling in Blue Jeans! I could not get away with that in the Crowded Orange County Woods. What, I have done is hunt without Brown Jersey Gloves or a 1/2 Mask. Only because they were Forgotten on the way out the door. That has only happened a handful of times though. I was SEEN in the mid- 1990s as a Tom came in. I had to stand behind a Tree and Peek out. He picked me out ! The next time, I Peeked out from behind that Tree- he was Gone..

    Lunar eclipse tonight

    Full Clouds right now in Monroe- 8.09am. I have my Binoculars ready for tonight!

    New Day Pack

    Nice Thin Wool Blanket can fit in a Daypack as well. Along with 4-5 Double thick Trash Bags for a Emergency.

    New Day Pack

    I lost a nice Daypack in the Woods some 10 years ago. I spent an hour Looking for it and Left. I came back a few days later and scoured the area. No Daypack.. I figure either a Bow Hunter found that Daypack or a Kid before, I came back .

    This takes balls

    What a Dip#@&$!! What does that Prove??
  17. I enjoyed those days of competition with the other kids. Often you could see each other's progress. Who would get to the next house first. Going out now with my makeshift Roofrake. A old cane connected to a hard broom with black electrical Tape. Saves money and works well!

    Southeast/ region 3 meet up

    He is on list-- I stand corrected.

    Southeast/ region 3 meet up

    Up early here. Alot of Shoveling later! Check - (Region 3) for local members and give a Shout-out. -- Martin, etc..

    Southeast/ region 3 meet up

    How about--- Sits In Trees. He is in Ulster County, I believe.