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  1. I have been hunting Sterling Forest since the state took it over and I have never seen it this quiet
  2. When I was first introduced to hunting I used to live within city limits and did not have my rifle permit . I used to borrow a marlin lever action 30-30 from my friend. I used remington core lockt 150 grain ammo and i swear I shot at least 8 deer with that rile and everyone dropped in their tracks . I didn’t really pay attention to the entrance and exit wound in these cases because it didn’t matter to me at the times. I have no idea why I didn’t buy one of my own but over the years i used 35 rem marlin 200 grain and 30-06 165 grain and I had just about every deer run after being shot except for a few exceptions including one eight pointer and one six that had their hearts blown apart
  3. Congratulations on your first buck
  4. NYP

    Would you mount

    That was my next question
  5. NYP

    Would you mount

    I don’t care what others think , as my post says I am undecided and I am looking for opinions not permission. I thought that is one of the reasons this forum is here.
  6. NYP

    Would you mount

    A euro is a good idea I already have two 8 points mounted and I think this would look too small next to them
  7. Can't decide if I should mount this small 6 point
  8. I see your shooting the Montec. My favorite broad head
  9. NYP


    Sorry that sucks . Makes me not want to clean my gutters
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