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  1. Our store does offer free training on how to safely use a crossbow. We have a 20yd. range where anyone can test them prior to their purchase. As this is not a forum to enhance our sales, I will not reveal my employer..
  2. Agreed, however if these "hunters" have never been educated as to proper shot placement (arrows), prior to their use of a crossbow the burden clearly rests in the hands of our legislators who made this omission in the current laws. It was not the result of the NYSDEC. They had to enact the law as handed to them.
  3. In 2014 you needed a "muzzleloader" tag to hunt with a crossbow in NY. No Bowhunting education course was required. With no training on how an arrow harvests game, and seeing the "shoot/don't shoot" portion of the BHEP course, a non archer prior to their purchase of a crossbow can not make an educated decision on what an ethical shot is on a WT deer, as they have never been trained.
  4. While I agree that shooting tight groups at 30-50 yards is much easier with a crossbow than with a conventional compound, the fact is that the the noise of the crossbow being fired is usually much greater than a conventional compound and the speed of the "average" crossbow is only about 10-20% faster than a modern compound. Most people will remember the tight groups their crossbow shoots when shooting at a NON LIVING practice target. NOW let's get real and remember we are shooting at a whitetail deer. If the deer moves only 9 inches, our arrow has missed the lungs and may be in the intestines, neck, shoulder etc. It is impossible to know where the deer will turn, drop or move as it attempts to "jump the string". The best we can hope for is that the deer doesn't move at all! That is risking a wounded deer in our attempt to harvest it. This is, of course, compounded by even greater distances. I tell the customers at our store that, as far as I am concerned, the crossbow should be used at the same distances that a conventional compound is used to ENSURE quick and HUMANE kills. I recommend distances of out to 30 yards. Have conventional compounds and crossbows harvested deer at much greater ranges? Of course they have, and many people will continue to use them at great distances however the risk of wounding regardless of weapon is increased as the distance is increased due to the nature and reaction time of deer.
  5. When bow-hunting education became "mandatory" It was done so for many reasons. According to the DEC it was enacted, to promote ethical shots, to train hunters to blood trail, how an arrow actually harvests game and also to ensure the general public that "archers" were safe and ethical. It was NOT grandfathered to any archer, no matter how long they had hunted. Fast forward thirty years and now we can shoot deer with arrows with no regard to ethical shot placement, blood trailing etc. Does it bother anyone else that some sort of "archery education" class is not Mandatory to hunt with a crossbow? I work at a major sporting goods store where I sell both conventional compound, and crossbows as well. While I am NOT anti crossbow, I am ANTI hunting deer with an arrow, when no education on how an arrow harvests animals is mandatory. I must listen to story after story of 40 and 50 yard shots at deer facing the hunters, shots taken at the neck, shoulders etc. I feel it is tragic that the NYS legislation does not mandate a course on how an arrow harvests game, and blood trailing (at a minimum) for anyone who wishes to hunt with a crossbow. Do we no longer care about how archers are perceived by the general public, or has the abundance of deer in NY clouded our views on what an ethical hunter should be regardless of the type of "bow" that delivers the arrow?
  6. My .02 First I am NOT against crossbows. I have however RESIGNED, after 33 years, as a BHEP/NY Bow hunter instructor over the FACTS. Back before many of you bowhunted it was stated that archers were wounding too many deer, and had a bad perception from both hunters and non hunters alike. Sooooo along came the MANDITORY BHEP class. This class had to be taken by ALL bowunters, no matter how long you had bowhunted before. I took the course and learned from it. Shortly after that I became an instructor for region 9. Fast forward 30 some years. Another type of Bow is legal to hunt with in NY (other than the vertical bow). However if these bowhunters want to kill deer they only need to buy a Big game,MUZZLELOADER stamp, read and print out a "certificate" and these new "archers" are ready to shoot deer with a BROADHEAD tipped Arrow (BOLT)!!!! WHAT??? What happened to 10 hours of class time showing all NEW ARCHERS where to place shots, how to blood trail, treestand safety etc. etc. This is not a Crossbow vs.vertical bow argument this is a When did we disrespect the game to the point that we allow hunters with no formal ADEQUATE TRAINING to hunt DEER?? I am appalled at the legislatures of NY for enacting such stupidity. I know it is NOT the fault of the DEC as they had to enact what they were told to do. Fire away.
  7. I just checked, the resident geezer's login is Doc. I hope that helps?
  8. My friend the resident geezer is a man who has more seasons under his quiver than I. He is the the one who carries on the tradition of the Bristol valley bowhunters. His name however will remain anonymous unless he decides to chime in and reveal it. He did accompany me on my Moose hunt in Quebec and Is a pleasure to hunt with.
  9. Hello everyone. I am a WNY bowhunter who has been bowhunting for 36 years now. I have been a bowhunter education instructor for region 9 for over 30 years. I have taken 48 documented whitetail deer, three black bear and a bull moose with archery equipment. I have harvested whitetail with both recurve and compound bows. I also enjoy bowfishing I was recently employed by Elite archer for two years. I have had the honor to hunt and work with your very own "resident geezer". I'm looking forward to reading the varied topics that come from this forum.
  10. Stealthe3

    Bow blind

    Go with a purchased blind. Practice from inside it. Practice setting with your hunting gear on. Set it up early in your hunting area. Face it either facing north or south to avoid direct sunlight into it. Good Luck.