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  1. Ridge rd hard to explain how to get to

  2. I found Webster  Hill Rd... how do you access the State Forest from the road, it looks like there are private lands between. Where is ridge road?

    1. cbandjkcustoms


      Webster hill has a road that runs into it and big turn around at the end. Theres a river. Hunt the river cause there's a field behind it

    2. ridgerunner88


      Thanks! I will let you know how it goes

  3. What part of 6k

    1. ridgerunner88


      Disclaimer, I have only lived in the area for 3 years and found these areas first and liked them so I havent changed areas.

      North portion of Clark Hill, Buck Hill and Penn Mtn State Forests are where I primarily go, I have been to Jackson Hill with some friends but not solo. I like the hills as a ground hunter because I can see better as opposed to the flatter areas south of Rome. Unless you have a better recommendation to hook me up!

  4. Been an avid hunter for 8 years now. I hunt 6N and 6K primarily. Few private properties and alot of state land. Have a 3 year old 7 pt and a 2 or 3 year old 8 pt (both very proud of). Do not see alot of bucks the areas I hunt, not to many smashers. Any input would always be greatly appreciated.
  5. Took this whole last week off and hunting 6k. Only got a chance to see 6 doe. No bucks no fresh signs.
  6. Have not seen a buck yet this season. And no shooters on camera. Damn 6N and your low buck count
  7. Stoked for muzzle loader to open up soon. Trying to get back in the swing of things.