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  1. Traditions panther 50 cal. Side lock percussion cap. Overall good shape, spot shown by nipple is only spot with rust. $125, located in Middletown 10941
  2. Thanks, I sent you a PM with the location.
  3. Stands stolen « on: Today at 09:36:21 AM » Quote Modify Remove I had 2 hang on stands with climbing sticks stolen from the Town Of Wallkill Scotchtown area. 1 is a muddy outfitter, will be missing the seat cushion and has a bow holder mounted. The other is a guide gear deluxe with bow holder mounted to the base. 1 set of hawk sticks and a guide gear set. If you happen to see the pop up please give me a shout. Thanks, Bill
  4. I have 2 sets of Ameristep climbing sticks BNIB. They are (4) 5' sections for a 20' stick. $75 takes them both. 1 Ameristep 15' ladder stand BNIB-$50 here is a link to it from walmart https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ameristep-15-Ladder-Stand/50887893 Located in Middletown NY, can also meet in Newburgh before 3:30 weekedays. Thanks, Bill
  5. Good Luck this am, if you need a dog Deer Search Inc. was excellent when I needed them. I am not sure if they have someone in your area but i'd give them a call and check. The handler Pete and his dog Lisa who helped me out were amazing.
  6. I snagged a 336 in 35Rem over the summer. I am leaving it with irons as a brush gun.
  7. Just roughing it seems to be around $40 due to its size. It has a welded frame so I can't break it down to a small package.
  8. I am cleaning out my garage. All Items picked up in Middletown NY or Newburgh NY, will ship at buyers expense. I am having a problem adding pictures so if anyone is interested I can email or text them. Clay Bird Thrower, (not hand style) it is the kind you pull back and pull a string to launch. Has a tilt adjustment, will throw in an opened box with clays left that I have. $20 3 Different Bullet Molds- First is a lee 54 caliber 300 grain 2 bullet mold $10, here is a link to it on midway. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/209650/lee-2-cavity-bullet-mold-54-300-real-54-caliber-557-diameter-300-grain-real Second is a Lyman #575213 58 caliber single bullet 460 grain hollow base mold. Hollow base tool and mold handles included. $40 Here is a midway link. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/589474/lyman-1-cavity-minie-ball-bullet-mold-575213-os-58-caliber-575-diameter-460-grain-old-style Third, not sure of brand but I think it's a Lee. 495 Round Ball 2 cavity mold. Will toss in a box of 495 round balls I don't need. $15 I believe it is this exact one from this midway link. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/313892/lee-2-cavity-bullet-mold-495-diameter-round-ball BOOKS- Give me $20 and you can take them all. Combat And Survival What It Takes To Fight And Win, (full set) Volumes 1-28 Extreme Survival by Akkermans, Cook, Mattos, & Morrison Sniper The World Of Combat Sniping by Adrian Gilbert The Complete Book Of U.S. Sniping by Peter R. Senich The Lure Of Sport Fishing by Tre Tryckare & E. Cagner Americas Camping Book by Paul Cadwell Jr. A Glossary Of The Construction, Decoration And Use Of Arms And Armor In All Countries And In All Times by George Cameron Stone Guns & Gun Collecting The Pictorial History Of The Under Hammer Gun by Herschel C. Logan The Breech Loader In The Service 1816-1917 by Claud E. Fuller The Rifled Musket By Claud E. Fuller The Handgun by Geoffrey Boothroyd The Longest Day June 6, 1944 by Cornelius Ryan The Foxfire Book The Hunter's Rifle by Clay Harvey Eyewitness History Of World War II Volume 1-4 (full set) The Deer Hunter's Bible by George Laycock The Varmint and Crow Hunter's Bible by Bert Popowski The Upland Game Hunter's Bible by Dan Holland The Climbers Bible by Robin Shaw Speer Reloading Manual Number 11 Thanks, Bill
  9. By me season is 10/25-12/10. They are one of the better valued furs.
  10. I found a doe during bow season the day she died. Car hit as no visible wounds. Check next few days as curious of how quick she'd be eaten. Took about 6 days for her to turn to bones.
  11. You only legally need to be off the shoulder and can not shoot across a roadway....I have a couple spots I hunt relatively close to roadways and have taken deer, but I bow hunt those locations because they are relatively urban areas.