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  1. Guess i'll take out my Savage Model 99 in 300 sav with a old 4 power weaver scope. then i'll switch to my Winchester Model 94 in 3030 with peep site, I've had this gun for a few years now but haven't harvested a deer with it yet.
  2. Of all my big game rifles it would be my Savage model 99 chambered in 300savage. Just love that old light weight gun. My dad bought it in the early 1960's and he never shot a deer with it, He gave it to me about 6 years ago and I've shot 5 deer with it so far.
  3. I know were you are talking about and I from WNY. Oh wait our camp is up in Woodgate. Nice buck congrats. I've only have had to hunt up there a couple times a year and have only harvested two bucks, But retiring this June so hopefully should be getting more time there.
  4. Got it done in NW 8J this morning using my old Savage lever Model 99 chambered in 300 Savage. Time to switch to another gun and look for a good buck to harvest.
  5. We use to hunt Allegany State Park back in the late 70's early 80's. Always rented a cabin on the McIntosh trail. We would harvest a couple doe every year and a buck or two every couple years. only allowed 3 shots and a shotgun only rule. They were all smooth bore then! Oh what fun. I wondered a couple years back how the park is doing for hunting. Should think about making a summer vacation back there and do a little scouting for a bow hunt.
  6. Well can't say it's been a bad year. A lot better then last year, of the 3 in the family that hunt we only managed to harvest 2 buck, and didn't even get a shot on any doe. I personally hunted up to the last minute today. Must say it was been a pleasure reading all the topics on the website and can't wait to next year. See ya all like next july, august when we start seeing some trail cam pics.
  7. My son shot this one this morning in NW 8J. Started raining decided to get down and still hunt and shot him at 30yds in it bed.
  8. Got I done today in NW 8J with my Savage Model 99 chambered in 300savage. A nice 7 pt, when I saw him from my tree stand and knew he wasn't coming my way I had to get down got low and behind him and waited till he came back out of the thicket. That was about 4:20 got him dressed and dragged him through about 12" of snow about a 1/2 mile out to the closest road and called my brother to come pick me up. Better then last year when I didn't even get a chance to raise my gun at anything.
  9. Every year my Savage model 99 in 300 savage, after I get my first deer with that then to one of my other 4 guns.
  10. I have two lever guns, my favorite is the Savage model 99 in 300sav, with an old weaver 4 power scope. The other is my Winchester 94 in 30-30 with a peep on it. Haven't pulled the trigger on a deer with the Winchester yet put will keep trying.
  11. Interesting thread, When I tell other hunters, especially the younger generation that my caliber is a 300savage. They all think i'm wrong and it's called a 300 Win Mag!! Just Love my old guns and calibers.
  12. CVA Kodiak 45cal I don't see too many 45s anymore 3 50gr - 777 pellets 45 cal Powerbelt 195gr bullet Nikon Omega 3x9x40 I've shot 6 deer over the last like 8 years since i've owned it
  13. My neighbor told me the other day that he came home late one night and there were 15 deer feeding around his apple tree.