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  1. In response to your question, I have a 2012 Insanity CPX, 60#, 28" DL. I bought it used to replace an Elite Answer. Before that I had a 2008 Bowtech General. This season I killed two mature doe with the Insanity. One was a 35 yerd quartering away chest cavity pass through. I shoot 28" Easton Axis @ 9 GPI w/100 gr. fixed blade BH's. It's fast, quiet, and IMO has a smooth draw cycle (almost as smooth as my Elite) and a solid back wall but it does not have the valley that some others have. One of the trade offs for speed IMHO. I also have a buddy with the same bow. Set up similar but he shoots Rages. He has the same opinion. BTW, I'm 55, 5'8" with an average build. Hope this information helps a bit.
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