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  1. HHC1

    Albino Deer

    Go figure, there is always one idiot. My brother posted the video and we own the land together. There is no bait in the video, or on the land, end of story....besides it takes a bonafide genius to post a picture or a video with bait, since it is illegal. So Bowshot...take your bait theory to some other thread. Knowing the land, and the tree stand, there is browse all over the property and that wouldn't show up that far away on the video.
  2. HHC1


    I work on about 350 acres with about 2000 Oaks, the acorns are dropping rapidly on all the trees that are bearing, and it is due predominantly to the dry weather.
  3. Totally agree with that statement, I know of four bucks killed in the last 5 years from the area I hunt that never made the paper or the internet, that were very "public" worthy. Just because it hasnt made the papers or internet site, doesn't mean the buck was not properly taken.
  4. Congrats on the first buck...very nice!
  5. Haha...i grew up around there myself and know exactly the people you are talking about. Funny stuff. They live in their own little world. A ten minute drive in any direction puts you back in touch with reality again.
  6. I have heard rumors about this buck....from what I have heard there are some people in Cayuga Heights all fired up that someone shot the deer, I guess they had been watching and feeding the buck for a number of years....regardless it is huge.
  7. Penn State grad here, always had alot of respect for Joe and the way he handled his program. 85% graduation rate, 2nd in the nation behind Northwestern, 40 + years without an NCAA investigation, $3.5 million to build a new library, and countless other good deeds....all tarnished by what he didn't do. A seemingly good man, who's lack of action is inexcusable. Everyone who had knowlegde of Sandusky's actions is culpable, and should no longer be able to be entrusted with the education and well being of the students of PSU. I am glad to see that Board of Trustee's is taking this course of action. All those involved should be disgraced with their inability to act. Its all sickening. My heart goes out to the young men and all their families.
  8. DULUTH, Minn. — An 84-year-old hunter caught his clothes on fire in a deer stand, then died after falling out of the tree on Saturday morning, authorities said. Arthur Joseph Knafla of Maple Grove was pronounced dead at the scene, NBC station KBJR reported. The accident occurred in Lavell Township, southeast of Hibbing, the Star-Tribune reported. According to the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office, Knafla was attempting to light a propane heater in his partially enclosed deer stand when his clothes caught fire. Knafla then fell from his deer stand. A Meadowlands ambulance responded to the incident. Saturday was the opening day of the Minnesota deer hunting firearms season. This article includes reporting from NBC station KBJR of Superior, Wisc., and msnbc.com staff.
  9. Way to go...love the fact that you shared it with you son! Brings back memories of my old man!
  10. Congrats on putting one down...enjoy that sammie!
  11. Nice to hear you got him....great job!
  12. Great job, looking forward to the story!