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  1. I'd go right after xmas With them deer being pressured u will find the best bedding u can find when they feel safe I go from dec 26 all the way till the end of march Always find the best primary beds from after hunting until about the end of january
  2. Today we had a group of 5 of us hunting stateland in filmore Not one of us seen a deer or heard a shot and we all sat until 10 30 Was wild. Figured it was due to weather keeping hunters out the woods
  3. I In the 3rd frame by frame u can see the shock wave to me. I wish I was filming in a higher frame rate so the slow motion capture would capture alot more. Unfortunately I was filming in 24 frames Instead of 100
  4. Hahahaha it's crazy when u have footage and its hard to decipher what really happened I really do appreciate everyone's opinions on this I just want to feel like I didnt look for 8 hrs for no reason hahahah
  5. After the morning hunt on thanksgiving I'm gonna go look again
  6. Notice in the 2nd pic the shot was taken and in front of the deer on the bottom right in front of the legs looks like hair was falling out already in the front of her legs before the back
  7. To me that hair is coming off the back side of her body that is her left leg in the frame and the hair is behind it
  8. Next frame afternow both legs off the ground
  9. Next frame leg is forward to me so no way is it a crease
  10. And I think the video makes the hair look white when I was by the impact there was. Nothing but brown hair
  11. I can send the clip to anyone who is good at editing and can get a clear answer. I did shoot my rifle it was spot on at 50 yards and this shot I ranged it was 65